TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

TODAY, USA Today team up for Golden Globes poll

TODAY’s Willie Geist, Natalie Morales and Al Roker are teaming up with USA Today to see who comes up with the best answers to poll questions about the Golden Globes, such as “Who will be the best dressed?” and “Who will give the funniest speech?”

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>> this?

>> not just in.

>> featured prominently, the paper of record as we like to call it.

>> today's take.

>> today's section.

>> and we're weighing in on the golden globes . and we made our predictions here with our picks, and we want you guys to weigh in, as well. we're offering it, you know, it's our chance to basically weigh in and you can take your pick, as well.

>> 13 questions, who will be the best dressed, who will have the funniest speech, and which nominee will give 12 years a slave a run for its money.

>> we thought it would be a slam dunk .

>> here's best dressed, sophia vergara , always a good choice, and jennifer lawrence i had up there, as well.

>> she's beautiful.

>> beautiful from "12 years of slave." kerry washington , it's the olivia pope, she always is.

>> and our friend from usa today , who is participating.

>> bradley cooper . guys, always knocks it out of the park. funniest speech, but i think overall the night belongs to tina fey and amy poehler .

>> and jennifer lawrence from " american hustle ."

>> whoever wins in that tv comedy category is going to be great.

>> and then for nominee giving "12 years a slave" a run for the money , i said "gravity."

>> i went a little sleeper pick, critics love this movie "her."

>> i haven't seen that yet. i'm looking forward to that.

>> it's a cool, interesting movie. joaquin phoenix and the voice of scarl scarlet johanson . we want you to participate. do you agree with us? disagree?

>> so far, natalie's in the lead.

>> we're told natalie's in the lead.

>> putting it out there. you can help in the process.

>> thankfully, because then she would start doing the ballot box stuffing.

>> oh, yeah.

>> it gets ugly with her.

>> just weigh in.

>> just let her win.

>> make our lives easier.

>> thank you.

>> stop it. like you're not competitive.

>> the golden globes are this sunday 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. always a fun night, amy and tina hosting will be