TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Delicious twists on the traditional burger

Restaurateur Billy Dec offers three unique burger recipes, including a turkey burger with grilled red onion and a salmon burger.

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>>> 8:51 with "today's kitchen." billy deck is the ceo of rocket ranch productions. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> last time we met we had the mac & cheese burger. i don't know how you can top it.

>> i have three good ones to share this morning. awesome comfort food . we're going to start with a turkey burger. you going to help me out?

>> yeah, absolutely.

>> i've been working on these vegetables we're working into the turkey meat. i'm going to add scallions, carrots and celery, thyme. going to mix this up a little bit. and turn off the heat and let this cool while you work on mixing everything into the 2 pounds of lean ground turkey meat.

>> okay. panko?

>> i'm going to put panko bread crumbs, add one egg.

>> okay.

>> fold it in a little bit.

>> so you don't want to overstir it?

>> go ahead. stir it up. i know it's a little tough in the beginning.

>> all right.

>> and this is ciracha. gives it a little bit of heat, a kick. you're doing a great job, awesome job. and then i'm going to mix in the vegetables once they're cool. go ahead and give that a good mix. you're doing fantastic. and straight from here, we're pretty much going to make 8-ounce patties. makes about four 8-ounce patties. it's very equal.

>> i want to get an "a."

>> i'm going to take this and make a patty. are the pretty much make a meatball, get the air out of it.

>> pack it really tight.

>> pack it really tight. and then you end up with your turkey burgers over here which we've had cooking for a little bit.

>> do you chill the patty?

>> you do. let them sit in the refrigerator. we have burgers going for about five minutes on each side. and you'll also see some grilled onions. just a little olive oil , salt and pepper , just to get those a little tender. and what we're going to do over here, we've within working on this greek yogurt goat cheese . put it into the goat cheese and a touch of heavy whipping cream.

>> okay.

>> you get this creamy, milky.

>> there's a little bit of a tang in there and it mixs well with the savory burger and grilled onions. i'm going to put the turkey burgers and dress these on a 7-grain bun, which is really great if you get it from local bakery or the bakery section of your grocery store. and here is your sauce right there. we'll each take a bit and put it right on top.

>> right on the burger or bun?

>> right on the bun. and then, your grilled onion --

>> okay.

>> and you will be done.

>> oh, we've got a crowd.

>> there's enough for everyone. you can take a bite of the turkey burger. i've got a couple back here, too.

>> all right.

>> this is my favorite, salmon burger. a lot of asian elements. some ginger, pickled ginger.

>> delish.

>> you're welcome to grab one and enjoy.

>> how do you keep it together like that?

>> you have to let it settle for a little bit in the fridge.

>> and chill it. chill it, carson.

>> and there you go, put that together. feel free to jump into that.

>> what's over here?

>> a beefburger on an onion bun. we have a really nice date aoli that we cover up the bun with right there. and then you sort of contrast that with a creamy brie and sprinkle a shallot on top.

>> wow.

>> and then we have the sweet potato fries there, as well.

>> you've outdone yourself. thank you so much. we're back after checking your local news and weather.

>> yeah.

>> beeline for the beefburger.

>> and the