TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Carey Mulligan: I’d rather do nude scene than sing

The “Great Gatsby” actress talks about her role in “Inside LLewyn Davis,” the new film by the Coen Brothers, and explains why she would rather have had to do a nude scene in the film (which she didn’t) than sing in it (which she did).

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>>> with carey mulligan . she plays a folk singer in a new movie. let's say she doesn't always get along with the title character . take a look.

>> you snuck out the door --

>> what do you think of staying here tonight?

>> i was hoping to. is jim around?

>> jim's not here. we told troy he could crash here.

>> troy nelson, how you doing?

>> oh, hello, i've heard your music and heard many nice things about you from jim and jean and from others.

>> oh. you have not heard one nice thing about me from jean ever.

>> carey mulligan , nice to see you. earlier in the show, we talked about how "wolf of wall street " has a lot of cursing in it. your character not too shabby in that department.

>> i do a good job of it.

>> tell me about her a little bit. what makes heret tick?

>> i'm married to justin timberlake 's character. and she's sort of settled into a pretty comfortable lifestyle with him.

>> i don't want to give anything away about the whole connection there. i think that's important to the movie. every time i have an actor, i'm curious about the moment you got the call. they are legendary. what was it like?

>> i was filming gatsby in sydney and i got an e-mail that said the new cohen brothers ' movie. you never think you'll get the chance to audition for their film. i was coming to l.a. to do press and they asked me to do an audition, and i did in my hotel room of this very angry young woman .

>> i think they said they were frightened by your audition. they did. seriously.

>> that's so cool.

>> well done.

>> yeah. and i didn't meet them, actually, until we were in rehearsal months later.

>> now, you sing as part of this role. and you said in a recent interview that the thought of singing in front of a camera is terrifying. in fact, i think you went further and said you'd rather do a nude scene than sing in front of a camera. why is it so terrifying?

>> yes, true in a weird way. but also, in the context of this film, we have the most incredible people producing our music. and justin timberlake , i had to sing with him. and he's a decent singer.

>> yes.

>> i was just surrounded by incredible musicians. it's the prospect of sort of bearing my voice in front of them was --

>> but you have a beautiful voice and you're also married to a musician.

>> yes.

>> do you sing together at home?

>> i spare everybody my singing apart from when i do it in a film.

>> you said you were shooting great gatsby when you got the call from the cohen brothers . that was when you had elaborate costumes. this one you're jeans and t-shirt and sweater. does a wardrobe help you get into character?

>> yeah. enormously. my character in this is pretty angry most of the time. so to go from gatsby which is dresses and beautiful diamonds to get into high-waisted trousers and a big black wig and march around swearing, quite liberating.

>> you loved the swearing.

>> very much.

>> the music's fantastiovie's fantastic. you're great in it.

>> thank you.

>> "inside llewyn davis" in select