TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Pope leaves voicemail for nuns on New Year’s Eve

The playful Pope Francis left a friendly voicemail for a convent in Lucena, Spain, to offer some New Year’s greetings.

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>>> new year's eve, you come home, find you have a voice mail , but it is not just any voice mail , it's from pope francis. well, that is what happened last week to a group of nuns in spain. take a listen.

>> okay. well, we'll translate. you can see right there. what are the nuns doing that they can't answer the phone? i am pope francis, i wish to greet you in this end of year. i'll see if i can call you later. may god bless you. what were the nuns doing? they're like, that's not really him.

>> they were pranked.

>> it's a good one.

>> it was new year's eve, right?

>> yeah, exactly. well, the pope did call back later. he knows this group of nuns from argentina, he was archbishop there.

>> tweet them.

>> i love that. that is