TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Is Jan. 6 is the most depressing day of the year?

If you’re bummed out today, you’re in good company. According to a new British study, Jan. 6 is the most depressing day of the year, mostly because it is the first Monday of getting back to work from the holidays.

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>> sleeping well last night. apparently.

>> feeling good.

>> nobody feeling a little down?

>> all right. i am.

>> let's move on to our next segment. moot point. apparently a lot of people might be waking up feeling blue this morning. and there's a good reason for that. today is january 6th , the first monday of the year. and according to a new british study, that means it is probably the most depressing day of the year. why? because a lot of folks head back to work on this first monday. a lot of kids go back to schools. others are waking up today to realize just how much money they spent over the holidays and how much debt they're in. those are some of the reasons.

>> i'm getting more and more depressed as you talk.

>> that's my job. that's why i'm here.

>> by the end of the day , we're going to be miserable.

>> your work is done.

>>> well, imagine you're out on new year's eve, you come home, find you have a voice mail , but it is not just any voice mail , it's from pope francis. well, that is what happened last week to a group of nuns in spain. take a listen.

>> okay. well, we'll translate. you can see right there. what are the nuns doing that