TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Police make arrest regarding ‘knockout’ assaults

The “knockout game” is one of the names given to random assaults on unsuspecting victims that have been reported around the country. Now police a man charged with a string of “knockout” assaults has been arrested and charged, but many people are still on edge. NBC News’ Katy Tur reports.

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>>> police appear to be making headway against a brutal type of crime terrorizing people.

>> good morning, natalie. the man believed to be behind a string of knockout assaults has been arrested and charged. but given the random and sudden violence of this trend, many people are still on edge.

>> reporter: a suspect in a string of dangerous and disturbing knockout assaults like these posted online is under arrest this morning. in part, due to this police sketch released after a string of attacks throughout brooklyn.

>> absolutely insane. it's scary, scaring the daylights out of people.

>> 35-year-old barry baldwin faces ten charges, including six of assault. most of the attacks were against jewish women, two of whom were 78 years old. the daughter of one of those women spoke to nbc new york.

>> i wanted the police to do something about it. and i want the full extent of the law to be exercised.

>> reporter: the arrest in these horrifying crimes comes just a month after another arrest in a separate incident also targeting an orthodox jewish man in brooklyn.

>> it's horrible. it's disgusting, horrible in any neighborhood.

>> this is hate, this is sick. this is beyond comprehension.

>> reporter: the rash of vicious attacks that has taken place all across the country. they're usually referred to as part of a game. but community leaders and law enforcement argue this trend is closer to the violence seen in gang initiations that has existed for decades.

>> what we're talking about are some serious and vicious assaults. a lot of innocent people being victimized in brutal fashion by reckless criminals and thugs.

>> and according to court documents, baldwin has not yet retained counsel nor entered a plea, but he's due back in court one week from today.

>> thanks so much.