TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Social media helps parents reunite with missing son

Carson Daly presents the story of how the parents of a missing son, who was subsequently spotted in a newspaper photo, used social media to reunite with him.

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>>> what carson's talking about in the orange room .

>> come on in. remarkable story based on the photo i showed you earlier. this is a story that ran over the weekend. 20-year-old nick simmons who went missing, displaced from his family in upstate new york , taken in washington, d.c. by an a.p. photographer who was doing a story on the cold weather . well, the photo went out, family saw it, went to facebook, started trying nick simmons . hannah went on trying to reach the writer. long story short, thanks to social media , nick was reunited with his family yesterday and all is well.

>> all right. keep our fingers crossed for him.