TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Bob Costas: We should lower expectations for Vonn

The veteran sportscaster and Winter Olympic anchor talks to Matt Lauer about skier Lindsey Vonn, the addition of slopestyle and safety in Sochi.

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>> costas will be the prime time and late night anchor for olympic coverage.

>> how you doing, matt?

>> we covered a lot of olympic games . have you ever heard so much talk about security and safety a month out from the games as you're hearing in sochi?

>> there's always talk about it. but here, you've got the terrorists right there on russian soil. and they've already made their declaration of intention. do anything possible to disrupt the games. he has said these games are a satanic dance on the bones of our ancestors and that they're compelled to do whatever they can to disrupt them. it's right there. and i think that's put it front and center.

>> we don't want to let that overshadow what the olympics are about. which is great athletic competition. let's talk about some of the athletes we're fascinated by. lindsay vonn on the ski team . that terrible injury, she's reinjured the right knee. what are the prospects?

>> i think we've got to take the expectations down. she's not going to compete in multiple events, probably just the downhill and the super g. you're talking about someone who is arguably the greatest female ski racer of all time when you take into account world championships and everything. but these olympics, the expectations have to be lowered.

>> we are going to see new events, some new sports we haven't seen in olympic competition before. slope style, something that you've done a lot as a kid, i know.

>> no, of course. i think the president of the ioc should be johnny knoxville , because basically this stuff is just jackass stuff they invented and called olympic sports . you mean that in the nicest possible way.

>> the kindest way.

>> we could see shaun white take the slopes in slope style.

>> that's the last you're going to say about it.

>> until february 5th .

>> one of the glamour sports, always the figure skating, men's and women's, how is our team looking?

>> looking like if we could grab a bronze somewhere, a silver somewhere, we'd be very happy. we do not have the kind of likely favorites that we've had in the past.

>> well, gives us the underdog story line that you will be so good at promoting.

>> there's always a story line , matt.

>> ice dancing , glimmer of hope there with meryl davis and charlie white ?

>> yeah, that's probably our best shot rather than in individual figure skating.

>> and there's also the team figure skating competition. there's a lot to look forward to. and ice hockey , you would get the feeling that the russians would trade edward snowden for a gold.

>> you have to think that.

>> in fact, john kerry is working on that very situation right now. it's very hush-hush behind the scenes .

>> i look forward to seeing you over there, bob. thanks as always. the competition begins on february 6th . look for this guy to be very busy. the opening ceremonies the next night, friday, february 7th , and you can see it here on nbc.

>>> up next, what does it