TODAY   |  January 05, 2014

Boston bar serves up new twist on girls’ night out

A new concept called a “paint bar” involves paint, some wine and lots of laughs. While visitors may leave with some impressive artwork, the real takeaway is much bigger. TODAY’s Erica Hill reports.

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>> how are you

>> from the moment these painters walk through the door it's clear, this is not your average art class. for starters, there's the bar.

>> a chardonnay.

>> and the warm welcome.

>> they make you feel like family. it's comfortable to be here.

>> feedback like is that is what the mother/daughter team behind the paint bar wants to hear. their shop pairs pinot grigio with paint. it's a concept they immediately fell in love with when they heard about a similar business in atlanta.

>> how is it possible? this is in boston? how is that possible? we goggled everything we could think of, paint, drink, art.

>> cheers.

>> we took a big chance but we really believed in it.

>> big mind over matter.

>> we said failure is not an option .

>> banks wouldn't lend to them. friend did. their business is not only profitable but growing with a second location.

>> my daughter had to kidnap me. i said no i'm not painting. i've been coming here every week.

>> i come here to relax. i have two kids at home this is my alone time.

>> on any given night the paint bar is packed with artists. the step by step tutorial is designed to bring each matter piece into manageable sections.

>> keeping the mood light and fun. which is also where the wine comes in.

>> if you're still feeling stress that of course why we have a bar.

>> while the concept may seem like the ultimate ladies night .

>> one of our most frequent painters since we first opened is engaged.

>> men are welcome too. even if some women would rather their husbands stay at home .

>> has he ever come?

>> no.

>> we don't let them in this place.

>> at the end of the night there's a mini showing. as another successful night at the paint bar draws to a close.

>> so similar businesses are really popping up all over the country. you can find them in every state. some are byobs. just do a search for wine and painting and trust me you'll find it. looked like a lot of fun.

>> i want to see a masterpiece.

>> did you really do this?

>> my grandfather was an artist. i didn't get his skills. the way that jackie breaks it down in the step by step process is amazing.

>> i still see the numbers.

>> that's so much better than i was expecting.

>> a lot of fun. it really is.