TODAY   |  January 05, 2014

Book-crazy boy, 5, a budding literary critic

A boy from Oregon has fallen in love with books, and is working to pass that devotion on to the kindergarten set. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> book but there's one 5-year-old boy who actually drags his mom to the book store and he loves reading so much he's turned into a budding book critic.

>> reporter: you could say 5-year-old michael cohn is a kid in a candy store when you stick him in a book store .

>> mom, i know where it is. it's in here.

>> reporter: at least twice a week he visits places like powell's books. always with the enthusiasm of a child waking up to presents on christmas morning . this is michael 's playground.

>> he would stay here all day.

>> if i could.

>> if he could. is that true? yeah.

>> reporter: like many of his favorite stories.

>> why do you like reading so much?

>> reporter: the range behind his passion is a mystery. he won't hesitate to share his opinions on the books he reads.

>> give it a thumbs up.

>> reporter: michael is budding book critic. he puts together videos where he reviews stories usually with the help of friends and family. the literary siskels to his ebert.

>> authors started coming to us and asking to us review their books and he's very flattered when that happens. he doesn't always give them what they want but it's fun.

>> reporter: michael 's favorite books centers on animals.

>> " curious george ."

>> reporter: he helped his mom write a book about a dog named lucy . you see lucy was the name of their golden retriever who died of cancer.

>> it's been almost a year since lucy died and i still miss her every day.

>> reporter: today they have a new dog but writing the book is what truly helped them heal. it says a lot about the power of books.

>> about the power of books and power of creativity. man you guys know some strange people.

>> reporter: they hope michael 's passion is contagious. so more kids in a book store will feel like a kid in a candy store the.