TODAY   |  January 05, 2014

9-year-old helps mom give birth after watching TV show

In Chicago, a young girl is being called a hero after delivering her baby sister. She says she learned how to do it by watching her favorite show. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> we begin this half hour with one little girl who may want to consider a career in medicine. 9-year-old is not only a new big sister she helped deliver the baby girl . she said watching tv helped when she needed to step in and save her new sister's in.

>> reporter: 9-year-old allyssa loves to tell her newborn sister stories. one day she will tell her about the day she delivereder.

>> you delivered me. wow.

>> reporter: alilyssallyssa's mom was asleep when she went into labor.

>> i said mom your water broke.

>> reporter: any other 9-year-old would panic or start crying or screaming but she was very calm. i just thank god that allyssa was there.

>> reporter: the 9-year-old sprung into action. she could see her sister's head.

>> i told her hold on i'll catch the baby. she said hurry. i grabbed a tall.

>> reporter: allyssa knew something was wrong. her newborn sister was purple. the umbilica cord was wrapped around her neck.

>> reporter: she had seen what to do by watching her favorite television drama, nbc's " chicago fire ," one episode now playing out in her own home.

>> i grabbed the towel, wrapped up the baby. grab some scissors and thread.

>> reporter: after getting some help from a neighbor, allyssa cut the umbilical cord .

>> reporter: this morning all three are happy and healthy.

>> she's my super hero . she's my super girl .

>> reporter: the 9-year-old who always dreamed of becoming a paramedic now has the experience and a story of a lifetime.