TODAY   |  January 05, 2014

Romance, grief and jazz: ‘Downton Abbey’ returns

The hit British show will return for its fourth season Sunday, and while the splendor of Downton Abbey hasn’t changed a bit, the lives of those within are being turned upside down. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> for. for months now after season three ended in tragedy.

>> we have a preview of season four that ends on masterpiece. spoiler alert . if you haven't watched all three seasons, watch with a low volume for the next few minutes.

>> the splendor of "downtown abbey" hasn't changed a bit. lives of those within are turned upside down.

>> my husband is dead. can't you understand what that means?

>> a cloud overshadows the joy of a birth of abbey's new heir. the shocking death of matthew in a car crash the end of season three sees his wife mary deeply mourning.

>> we are allowed to accompany her on her road out of the trauma, out of the grnief.

>> one great romance ends another blossoms. among the potential changes, abbey's first black character. he sweeps lady rose off her feet.

>> gary is incredible. and we get a whiff of the jazz era coming in to the dusty halls.

>> the whirlwind '20s bring changes for the characters.

>> up don't understand with these toasters and mixers. we'll be out of a job.

>> the other servants there are bigger concerns.

>> very dark and serious and traumatic twist.

>> a twist that's controversial for british fans.

>> action.

>> season four ends with a grand party in this london building. here's a tease. producers chose this hall because they wanted to recreate the inside of buckingham palace .

>> expect fireworks as shirley maclaine returns. one of the many american stars this season whose characters bring more upset to stately home where life is never dull.