TODAY   |  January 04, 2014

Watch Jennifer Hudson shock assistant with Christmas gift

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson has been friends with her assistant since they were kids, and when she gifted him something special for the holiday season he gave a performance of his own. E!’s Alicia Quarles reports.

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>>> today's hollywood headlines. the last moments of paul walker 's untimely death and jennifer has a surprise christmas gift to her assistant and long time friend part of our coverage here.

>> nice to see you. we want to start out with the latest details on paul walker . we got more information this week.

>> the coroner's report came out and his buddy roger rodsassas who was driving the car was going a hundred miles per hour. i think this is a case of just going too fast and lost control of the car. the car hit a lamp post and a street sign in a 45-mile-per-hour zone. we do know both of their bodies were burned 100% so zero chance they would survive many.

>> no drugs or alcohol in the system.

>> they were driving a 2005 porsche so people were wondering did the car malfunction? no signs that the car malfunctioned at all.

>> a horrible accident.

>>> this reaction absolutely priceless. priceless. jennifer hudson went above and beyond when it came to a christmas gift to her personal assistant .

>> she hands her personal assistant watlter williams a gift. you have to see what it is. they have been friends since the sixth grade and she got him a home for christmas . she told me you give blessings with your blessings? that is exactly what she has done here. her childhood home in illinois. she is going to turn it into a shelter for women. you know her family -- jennifer is a good, wonderful person and this is in her friend's elementary school and she just hooked him up with a house!

>> where is my house?

>> great work on that. keep working on that.

>> yes.

>> also a lot of -- jamne seymour is looking stunning at 62.

>> she is on the cover of "people" if you got it, flaunt it, she says she has done this through guy row tronics and spinning and eating half of what she wants to eat. if she wants pasta, she will only eat half and works out three times a week and doesn't deprive herself of anything but she works hard.

>> she has good genes and she is blessed.

>> she said she had botox once and never do it again because she wouldn't move her face.

>> i think we have time for golden globes . if we have got to watch two or three things what should we be watching?

>> underdogs "brooklyn nine nine." best comedy on tv category. also see "let's see here. "saving mr. banks."

>> tom hanks !

>> you have to see --

>> this, i am dying to see.

>> judy dent as wonderful as it looks?

>> she gave up her childhood for adoption and goes back to find him and starts in a newspaper article in 2009 . those three you got to see.

>> i like that. always nice to see you.

>> thank you so much.

>> craig, where is my house?

>> ism wokki i'm working on it.

>> he'll make some calls during the break.