TODAY   |  January 04, 2014

Active retirees take to cheerleading later in life

The Sun City Poms is a cheerleading team with even more spirit, spunk and sass than your average squad. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>> love, love these ladies.

>>> the sun city --

>> the what?

>> the sun city palms put on quite a show and i dare you not to fall in love with this amazing and acrobatic group of ladies.

>> reporter: with their gold pompoms and fancy footwork the sun city palms look like your average cheerleading squad full of enthusiasm but one difference. they are aging.

>> lois, 77. ginger, 80!

>> reporter: that's right. every cheerleader on this team is a senior citizen .

>> this is the funnest thing i've ever done.

>> reporter: so most of the palms never danced or cheered until they retired, moved to sun city , arizona, and joined the squad. their loved ones? more than just a little skeptical at first. among them? tad webber's husband.

>> i came home and i was all excited. i said, i'm going to join the sun city palms . and he said, " over my dead body ." and then shortly after that, he passed away. and he said, " over my dead body ," so i came and joined the palms .

>> did you do that on purpose?

>> reporter: so the only requirement to join, you got to be older than 55. it also helps to be flexible. as well as comfortable performing in front of big crowds in a sequinned body suit .

>> we have a secret weapon to looking good and that is the pantyhose.

>> you suck it in!

>> yes!

>> reporter: the palms have been dancing up a storm since 1979 . they perform up to 50 shows a year from parades to pep rallies .

>> it just gives me some confidence and it makes me feel young .

>> reporter: even after they have exited the stage, the palms are never quite finished performing.

>> five, six, seven, eight.

>> reporter: they are constantly learning in your choreography during practices three times a week.

>> get back in our doance positions real quick!

>> reporter: you better know the routine and you better know how to smile.

>> i don't care if you're choking from thirst. you need to smile.

>> reporter: being a palm is a physical and mental workout.

>> being in the palms , i think you really have to push yourself. you to get out of your comfort zone and do something you don't think you ever could do.

>> reporter: so what advice to these active ladies have for other retirees?

>> get off your fanny!

>> many of these women had busy careers before they came cheerleaders. the team includes a former electrical engineer, a business owner and several teachers who are now doing this over their friends, late husband's bodies.

>> get off your fanny!

>> how good did they look?

>> they were really good.

>> they said maybe the pantyhose.

>> maybe we need different pantyhose.

>> maybe we don't.

>> one cheerleader at this table or you used to be a cheerleader.

>> in middle school .

>> no?

>> i wasn't a cheerleader.

>> what was that comment?

>> i feel like you're playing on the field, not the cheerleader.

>> fine.

>> i'm cheering you on. i'm cheering you on.

>> wait a minute. give us a cheer before we go.

>> something. anything.

>> how about the one we did together earlier, jenna?