TODAY   |  January 04, 2014

Bostonians endure record-setting freeze

The city of Boston, Mass., saw a record amount of snow in the latest storm, with plummeting temperatures, school closures and flooding. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> making the cleanup from friday's storm difficult to say the least. ron mott is in boston with more on that story. hey there, ron .

>> reporter: good morning to you. this cold weather is doing no favors and i think a lot of people are saying the same thing, man, is it cold out here and flirting with a record low in boston minus 4 and it got down to about zero but the windchill 15 to 20 degrees below throughout the boston metro and colder in the interior areas. 39-degree in boston harbor . a big concern for the homeless population so shelters around sent people out looking for homeless trying to get them inside overnight. another cold night and a little bit of warm-up on sunday and getting into the low 40s. let's go out to our west in green bay , wisconsin. these folks are used to cold. they love their football packers. a big game there on sunday against the 49ers. packers fans had to think twice about buying tickets to that game because they are talking about it being so cold, it might rival that 1967 ice bowl also at lambeau field there in green bay . they don't think it's going to break that record on but it's going to be uncomfortable for those football fans . further west in minnesota, governor mark dayton has cancelled public schools on monday saying it's too risky to have young children standing in the bus stop in the 30 to 40-degree below temperatures there on monday. about the snow we got, we did set a record in boston on thursday. officially 10.6 inches and stopped until 10:00 , 11:00 morning. all of this snow will start to melt we think tomorrow morning . dylan mentioned colder temperatures in here in the first part of next week. the only persons not complaining are the kids that this is a paradise for them, craig.

>> another snow day . another snow day . ron mott, thank you.