TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Best apps to download for the new year

Cyber expert Kurt Knuttson presents the hottest apps to start the new year right with, including one that manipulates your photos and another that monitors your sleep cycle.

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>> here to help.

>>> with the new year comes a new round of resolutions. making 2014 the year to drop a few pounds, learn a foreign language , or get a little more sleep.

>> since your phone or ipad is with you almost all the time, it makes sense as the perfect companion on your journey to success.

>> here with our apps of the year is curt. how are you?

>> good to see you again.

>> happy new year. we're so jealous already. you have something i think is going to be one of the hottest tickets coming up.

>> you're right, actually. this is a type of keyboard.

>> how do we get this?

>> ryan seacrest has dumped a million dollars into this company. this will be out in a week. this makes your iphone a blackberry.

>> just what seacrest needs, another million dollars.

>> it actually works really well. now you can walk and chew gum and type again.

>> what is it coming out?

>> about a week. the 13th.

>> is that yours, the only one arth?

>> it's a tester. it works well.

>> we're -- where are we going to get it?

>> at the website. it will link up at our site.

>> let's get to our apps. i hate when there are distractions from that area. the first is called benify.

>> these are the apps people are going to be buzzing about. this one especially, selfies become more and more important, we're taking them. this is called photo wonder. you download this and take advantage of about any ridiculous shot in your life, but what's amazing is you click beautify, and then watch what happens. you simply smudge away --

>> no, no.

>> the pounds, smudge away the pounds. and let me do a little bit on the chin.

>> no way.

>> the hair.

>> and let's compare. see that? how just a little bit of tweaking can take off --

>> online dating right there.

>> right, you're going to be like, really?

>> you have to really study the photos.

>> you don't look like your picture, okay.

>> and really cool other thing you can do is, let's say you have taken photos where this is a time --

>> no makeup show. i had no makeup on.

>> we're all caught in times where either the camera caught us in a way that isn't so flattering or we just don't have makeup.

>> what do you do?

>> with one click . beautify. it will just take out a little of the blemishes. there's before, after. before, after.

>> nice.

>> compelling, and just a one-touch thing.

>> what's that called.

>> photo wonder, and one click inside of beautify. so simple to do. this is amazing. you use this with your phone, actually. get rid of your alarm clock. this is called sleep cycle . this gets used to how you sleep. you set your iphone, plugged in, face down, on the top edge of your bed.

>> yeah.

>> at night, it starts to know, let's say we put in 7:30 for tomorrow, we want to wake up. and for the half hour prior to that, it will gradually wake you up at the lightest stage of your sleep cycle .

>> how does it known?

>> it starts to measure how you sleep. it knows.

>> how does it start to wake you up? nudges you a little bit, starts singing.

>> louder and louder.

>> at the time of your lightest sleep so you feel rested when you wake up.

>> we have to get to the next one.

>> the quiz up trivia game.

>> that's going to be the game of the year. let's play some 1990s music. i'll hand this to you because you're really good at this. it's going to pair us with sknn in the world. you name who is coming up.

>> i'm playing this person?

>> 1990s music. this is a game show .

>> get it right, get it right. you don't have time.

>> that's david matthews record label.

>> are you right?

>> it turns green when you're right, red when you're wrong. you have ten seconds to answer each of the questions.

>> this is starting a whole community of game players around the world as well as you can invite your friends. it's going to be the new thing.

>> you have time to squeeze in the last one, the language learning one.

>> you want to learn a language, but you don't want the effort. they gamified learning a language with this. here is a little spanish lesson. you can learn just about any language on here, and it gives you --

>> uh-huh.

>> select the apple. la manza. check, i'm correct. you go through. and it has really cool feedback. you hear what the language is.

>> like a kid game.

>> yeah, what you don't know, why this is free, it's translating parts of the internet to that foreign language . we'll explain that online as well.

>> thank you. always great. thanks.