TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Babies! Cutest baby pictures of the week

Hoda and Carson present the cutest viewer-submitted baby pictures for Johnson’s Baby of The Week.

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>> it's time for your johnson's baby announcement.

>> orange you glad i'm filling in?

>> we celebrate moms and their new adorable additions to their babies. our first is dalton reed groller. his mom said he's becoming a handsome red head .

>> our next baby is elena ristevski. she weighed eight pounds, nine ounces and this is the first child for the parents.

>> now for a baby born in neptune, new jersey. ian james furda. he was born four weeks early, spent nine days in the icu. he's now a healthy and strong little boy .

>> and our final baby is noah mark buckingham . born in springfield, missouri. his mom said he's a big cuddler who loves to be constantly held, just like al roker . he's our cudler.

>> congratulations to all of our babies, and if you bauwant a chance for your baby to be a johnson's baby