TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Paul Rudd was a bat mitzvah DJ before he was a star

Video evidence shows the “Anchorman” star cutting a rug and playing air guitar while working for an entertainment company called “You Should be Dancing.”

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>> new york post, a look back at some big time celebrities and the interesting jobs they had before they were stars . first up, paul rudd . before he rose to anchorman fame he spent his time working as a dee jay . that's him in the yellow tux and shorts. the name of the company was you should be dancing. i'm sure paul's glad we found that. and others among the list, actress megan fox used to work at a smoothie shop dressed like a banana and had to stand by the highway. i wonder if he knew the folks at arrested development . and john hamm said he once had a job working on adult films . said he had to move furniture around sweaty naked people.

>> they have a set designer?

>> i haven't noticed.

>> that's a look at what's