TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Spice up supper with soy-glazed beef skewers

In TODAY’s Take, Al, Willie, and guest host Brooke Shields check out a dog owner who has posted pictures of re-created classic film scenes with his pet (some more provocative than others), including canine takes on “Titanic” and “The Graduate.”

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>>> he is the man behind a bunch of great restaurants.

>> this morning, he is going to help us spice up our dinner with soy glazed beef skewers. we're just rubbing our hands.

>> this is so good.

>> the secret is the glaze.

>> is secret is the glaze. we're going to make a quick glaze. so what we have here is we have --

>> we have confectionary sugar and water and a little bit of soy sauce .

>> okay.

>> okay.

>> kind of like chinese ketchup.

>> yeah.

>> and some spice. so it gives us the sweetness and spice to give us some --

>> that's the heat. that's the thing now.

>> they just shutdown a manufacturing place in los angeles because people were complaining about the fumes.

>> too strong.

>> that's chili powder , ginger and black pepper . give that a quick zap.

>> are these things readily available on the market.

>> yeah. then you have your skewers.

>> what kind of meat?

>> we're using regular beef so a strip steak .

>> which can be pricey. what's another cut you like.

>> we're going to give them a quick turn and the trick is to use the glaze before you cook them and as you're cooking them.

>> so you have to watch these though because it has a high sugar content.

>> yeah, well, the sugar, i'm a big believer in cooking food that's very well balanced. so i like bold flavors. so acid, sweet, spice and then richness. this is some american beef and then this is just a normal strip steak . as you mentioned, it's a little less pricey. but still works very well.

>> sure.

>> so once these are cooked, you pull them right after the grill and put them on to your plate.

>> basic wooden skewer here?

>> yeah, do you want to try one?

>> absolutely.

>> that's a silly question. that's why we're here, michael.

>> all you have to do is its like sewing a little bit. you go in and out and just go like that.

>> okay.

>> then i notice you garnish it with crushed peanuts. is that cilantro?

>> yeah, we finished the skewers and the cashews are going to give us a little bit of that richness and then we use a little bit of mint and cilantro.

>> i like to come in at the end.

>> it's like a meat lollipop.

>> thank you. great. i love that.

>> oh, that's delicious.

>> that is terrific.

>> chef, thank you so much.

>> happy new year.