TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Rob Ford: I want to remain Toronto’s mayor

The embattled Toronto mayor was the first candidate to show up when registration for the mayoral race opened on Thursday. He faced intense pressure to resign last year after admitting to smoking crack “in a drunken stupor,” and the Toronto City Council stripped him of most of his powers. Ford’s response to critics is that his “track record speaks for itself.”

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>> this is a little bit of a new year's gift to comedy writers typing at their keyboards. toronto mayor rob ford is making good on his promise and running for re-election. he tweeted this picture. he tweeted this on thursday saying just filed my paperwork for the 2014 election. vote on october 27th . all of this after the city council stripped him of many of his mayoral powers.

>> not that one.

>> you can't take away moves like that.

>> watch out.

>> coming through. somebody get the number of that truck.

>> this is the man that admitted to smoking crack, driving drunk, urinating in a parking lot. he says my track record speaks for itself.

>> jimmy fallon and the writers this morning are doing the same dance. the gift that