TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Start the year clear of clutter with these tips

Elaine Griffin, contributing design editor for Better Homes and Gardens, has everything you need to know about how to get more space in your foyer, pantry and closet.

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>> al, there's no time like the present to get started on your new year's resolution to clear the clutter in your home.

>> here with a cure for you clutter is the design editor for better homes and gardens . good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i gave you the fair warning that brooke is a freak about containers.

>> i love organizers and containers and container store .

>> personal heaven right now.

>> it can sneak up on you. if you don't pay attention to it. especially in the foyer.

>> what have you done here?

>> you need to have a system for everything. i love the daily system from pottery barn because it multitasks.

>> you put one of these next to the door and it's like, 3-in-1. everyone should have his or her assigned hook on a multihook unit like this one, it's the wall hook and we found this one at -- oh, i forgot where i found it.

>> yeah.

>> somewhere.

>> i think it was --

>> there we go.

>> wire baskets.

>> wire baskets are fantastic because they let things breathe.

>> right.

>> so everything airs out and it cries up and these are from land of god.

>> and we always dump everything whether we have a foyer or not we dump everything by the front door.

>> here's the story. we have way too many, you know, cell phones, what you want is a very attractive charging station like this one. it's available after january 10th . you can put a laptop, ipad.

>> all the wires go underneath.

>> it's pretty too.

>> let's move to the pantry.

>> liquor.

>> we go to costco and you get everything and throw it in the pantry. you get home and you can't find the spaghetti sauce when you're ready to make it. number one, keep the stuff you use most often between eye and waist level. then you want to sort things in baskets and bins which looks really great and then you can use chalk board tags. we found these at crate and

>> you can change them up then, too.

>> i mean, i love the label maker and i even label the label maker .

>> that's a lot of work though.

>> write it on.

>> another tip, you want decant the big bags of stuff in airtight containers. and how cute are these?

>> stackables. this is enamel coated steel.

>> what in there?

>> rice or pasta or candy. i would have chocolate in mine.

>> pick a color that works for you and stick with it.

>> when you have a lot of stuff, you want to group it together and then go vertically. stack it up. this is a spice rack. how cute is this? it's from the container store and holds up to 24 different spices.

>> i like how you're singing some of these. the ones you really like.

>> get this. it's always like what are you doing with the onions and the potatoes. this is a fabric sack. and then you hang them up.

>> fresh and clean.

>> keeps them out of the way, right?

>> that's so smart.

>> and then going off of the canned goods situation.

>> canned goods .

>> you beat me to it. this is a gravity can feed from the

>> when you do that --

>> that happens.

>> that's why she went to princeton.

>> i went to yale. so there you go.

>> okay.

>> the biggest problem zone in the house. you know why? because you have a little closet like this but you have clothes like that.

>> you have to use every available space.

>> then get rid of stuff and put your out of season stuff in can v canvis bins on the top.

>> the things like your sweaters and towels put them in drop down bins so you can access them, right?

>> love it.

>> for accessories, create a dedicated accessory zone. you want to do everything. this is from pop shoes go in cubbies.

>> sure.

>> and always a dedicated step stool just for the closet.