TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Jessica Simpson: I will get married in 2014

USA Today Entertainment reporter Arienne Thompson dishes on the latest celebrity headlines, including the news that Jessica Simpson says she will (finally) get married this year after being engaged to Eric Johnson for three years.

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>> let's start off with star power . a number of celebrities getting engaged including one jessica simpson .

>> well, she has been engaged for three years. this is not a new thing. wedding bells will apparently finally ring this year.

>> good news.

>> she said i think it's about time i actually got married.

>> good.

>> she has two babies very close in age and, you know, you want to look good in your wedding dress .

>> yeah.

>> she has been working hard at that.

>> this big thing is her weight watchers campaign she started after her first baby. she said i love weight watchers and i love doing it but really guys i want to fit into my wedding dress .

>> we have a clip of her talking about it.

>> the new year will definitely bring the wedding bells which is exciting. i think it's about time.

>> sounds like an announcement to me.

>> yeah.

>> also, under star power , charlize theron , sean penn , photographed together.

>> new couple alert? i don't know. we reached out to their reps and they said the usual no comment.

>> they have been friends for awhile.

>> yeah and sean penn has been friends with everybody in hollywood. a few years ago they were out to dinner and that sparks some couple rumors then and this new years they were spotted on a beach in hawaii together and people are like are you? aren't you?

>> maybe -- and then they flew back on the same flight to l.a. here's the thing, also the l.a. airport is the worst for paparazzi.

>> right.

>> they're camped out there all the time. so it's almost -- you want to leave separately.

>> yeah, exactly.

>> but he was spotted leaving her house apparently yesterday i think.

>> i think we're starving for one now. we need a new one. that's the thing. well, okay.

>> let's check out our photo of the week. this is a baby. a very famous baby holding a massive ring. what are we looking at.

>> that's not just any baby. that's not a baby. that is north west .

>> of course it is.

>> the royal baby of the u.s. she is holding her mom's huge engagement ring . it's the same size as north's hand. it's crazy.

>> yeah.

>> so kim instagramed that picture saying i had a great year. she had the baby and she and kanye got engaged. she did have a goodyear.

>> i'd be ripping that ring out of that baby's hand.

>> choking hazard.

>> don't eat it or do anything to my diamond.

>> right.

>> on a somber note, tweet of the week involving james avery best known as uncle phil on fresh prince of bel-air passed this week.

>> sad news. he's a guy that my generation we grew up watching uncle phil on the fresh prince . sad and we hadn't heard from him in awhile but this was super tragic news and he has a movie coming out this year. it's another one of those good movies coming out. i think it's going to be at sun dance . so sad news.

>> he was young. he survived by his wife and his mother and when a kid goes before their parent, it just adds to it.

>> terrible.

>> another tweet we're looking at this week is new year's eve from david spade .

>> yes, so he said, hey, no pictures or videos of fireworks tonight please, thanks. signed everyone on twitter, instagram and facebook. he's a funny guy and he's so right. we're all doing the same thing on new year's eve. do i need to see a video of the fireworks you're seeing? not so much.

>> but that's the whole point. when did we start caring about oversharing.

>> he is rewriting the rules, willie, okay.

>> and then it's time for the awards season. we have golden globes in less than two weeks. osage county . we have a clip from the film.

>> women don't grow more attractive with age.

>> i disagree.

>> no, i didn't say they don't grow more attractive. i said they get ugly and it's not really a matter of opinion, karen. you only just started to prove it to yourself.

>> you are in rare form today.

>> well, the day calls for it, doesn't it? i'm just truth telling. some people are antagonized by the truth.

>> julia roberts and juliet lewis .

>> all over it. already some golden globe nominations. especially for meryl and julia and sag nominations too.

>> oscar nominations.

>> whole cast.

>> oscar nominations are in a few weeks. we'll see more awards recognition for them. how could you not with that cast.

>> and it was a wonderful