TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

‘Slow TV’ is (slowly) coming to the US

A popular Norwegian reality-show concept called “Slow TV,” which features long hours of programming monitoring cruise ships, train rides and fishing, is making its way to the United States. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> with something interesting and different coming to a television near you. here is joe frier.

>> it was the smash hit of the summer.

>> reporter: this is as real as reality tv gets. a cruise ship voyage broadcast nonstop for 5 1/2 straight days. no script, zero drama and 3.2 million viewers. it's a surprising hit. a concept now sailing toward america thanks to eric shots and his production company lmno.

>> we bought a format from norway and it was the most unique, dumbest, most ridiculous idea i've ever seen and i said i have to have it.

>> it's an idea that eased on to norwegian tv screens in 2009 with a 7.5 hour program chronicling every second of a train ride. it drew 1.2 million viewers. it was so successful it spawned more slow shows. 18 hours of salmon fishing. an indepth special about firewood and most recently, knitting.

>> you laugh because it's knitting on television, but you would watch it just to see what it was.

>> reporter: but can slow tv possibly work in america ? land of loud, fast paced television?

>> i think americans are ready for anything. we watch golf on television. can anything be slower than watching golf on television?

>> reporter: americans did fall in lof with the u.k.'s downton abby.

>> i'll have a weekend.

>> what is a weekend.

>> compared to the conventional wisdom that american tv has to have something blow up or have sex every three seconds, these shows are different.

>> reporter: several networks expressed interest. the key now is finding ideas that will work here.

>> what makes them compelling is something you haven't seen before. if you haven't seen it before you might stop and look at it.

>> reporter: what will slow tv look like in america ? well, you'll have to be patient. consider it practice. for today, nbc news, los angeles .

>> los angeles .

>> meanwhile, golf took a shot.

>> how dare you.

>> outrage on the couch over that.

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