TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Stay warm with smart clothing and accessories

TODAY consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman offers some clothing ideas from Sports Authority and more to help you battle winter.

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>>> talking so much about staying warm these days, sure we have a nice fire but if you're really going to be outside, how can you stay warm when the temperature plummets? used to be you had to pile it on and bundle up.

>> what is it?

>> i can't put my arms down.

>>> now clothing is high-tech and far less bulky. you are nice and toasty but you're not wearing a lot of big bulky stuff. what are you wearing today?

>> thanks for asking. this is a heat tech dress for $40.

>> this dress?

>> yes and i'm warm in this. these are jeggings. $15. high-technology.

>> high-technology and also in the way you layer.

>> you have to layer.

>> start off with a wicking layer we call it.

>> they don't want you to wear cotton anymore. it has to be synthetic and there's things that rips away the sweat but keeps you warm. once something gets wet, it goes. but we asked people in our audience to model really cool products we found. why don't you come over. you're from california where it's nice and warm. you're wearing a lands end for $20. this is a layer on the inside and then a sweater and then a jacket.

>> is it warm?

>> it is.

>> also price is not bad. i like the price point and not too bulky. that's what we put on first. and then the more traditional base layer.

>> come on over. now we have you from portland, maine. you're wearing underarmor, ego fitted mock. it's a big name.

>> is this the kind of stuff that's supposed to use your body heat to generate more. i have stuff like this for running.

>> it works.

>> it does.

>> this vest is $75. so you're layering also. stay warm and put the rest on.

>> he's from maine. he's used to it. it's fine.

>> okay. so we wick and then the base layer and then mid layer.

>> this is my son david.

>> hi, david.

>> his parka is from l.l. bean for $120. are you warm? fashionable. okay. brenda, are you warm? this is a north face jacket. look how thin this is.

>> it's so thin.

>> i want you to show how that rolls up. it turns into a pillow for a plane.

>> so you can pack it easily if you're going somewhere , too.

>> this is the new technology.

>> but you've been out here for a little while, it does keep you warm?

>> yeah.

>> even that thin.

>> that's $120. and they also have a uni glow for about 70s. you'll see it in different stores and we have my son juda. he is wearing boots.

>> your feet get cold so quickly.

>> and you're 11.

>> hi.

>> she is wearing boots for $160. they're way cool looking.

>> they are. it almost looks like a wet suit for surfing.

>> yeah and the kid rocket ones for $65. you know you have kids they want to be outside skiing, sledding. this is the most important investment.

>> and keep them warm and dry. and most of you have your hats or hoods on.

>> you just turned 28 today.

>> happy birthday.

>> she is wearing a squall hat and you have to see these gloves from north face .

>> love the touch gloves. they're so practical.

>> and a scarf from uniglow.

>> we have given to folks out here these things. the hard warmers.

>> and our audience. come on over. tell me what you got.

>> also great to have too. we have to leave it there but lots of good tips for us. we can sit out here all day and stay cozy. just ahead, how to calculate your actual fitness age. after your local news and weather.