TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

See the Super Bowl ads vying for a million bucks

The TODAY team takes a look at four of the five finalists in the Doritos Super Bowl Ad campaign, whose winner will have their video aired during the big game.

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>>> welcome back everyone. if super bowl is just under a month away. a lot of fans will be glued to the playoffs and the game and a lot of people really want to see the commercials in that game. billions are spent on super bowl adds and doritos is a big player. they turned to the public for their help with the crash the super bowl contest. we have a preview of the finalists. here's the first one. this first one is an inspired film maker in atlanta. his favorite super bowl ads involve office humor and animals.

>> okay.

>> wow.

>> for $800, here's what he came up with.

>> someone has eaten all the doritos in the break room while making a terrible mess. i have narrowed it down to you two. well, obviously it would be the ostrich, right?

>> pound-for-pound money-wise, that's great.

>> no ostrichs were hurt in the making of the movie.

>> no.

>> finalist number two, ryan thomas anderson, single dad and freelance wedding photographer. for $300, he made one called time machine . take a look.

>> want to try out my time machine ?

>> sure.

>> so now what.

>> got to put the whole bag in.

>> okay.

>> yes.

>> it's really working.

>> get out of my yard.

>> jimmy? you're so old.

>> i love that one. that is fantastic.

>> i like that.

>> my son's sees that i'll be making it this afternoon in the snow.

>> i think that guy has got a future.

>> all right. chris from california. the commercial produced for $1,500. he's a freelance an mimator inspired by a universal problem in the work place.

>> jerry, once again everyone's doritos has mysteriously disappeared in the break room. now, i realize this is a work place and i don't want to sound like i'm accusing you.

>> how dare you. you know what, i don't have time to sit here and play detective. some of us have work to do. unbelievable. unbelievable. outrage.

>> do you like that one?

>> i do. it reminds me of some people have seen around this joint.

>> careful now.

>>> here comes number four. this is called cowboy kid from a california mom named amber gill. $5,000.

>> big budget.

>> big budget.

>> take a look.

>> this is an expensive one.

>> boys, can i get some help?

>> i don't know. can you?

>> guess you don't want doritos . [ whistle ]

>> wow.

>> specific effects.

>> where was the 5 grand in that.

>> the dog.

>> now, there was a 5th one but after watching it 37 times, i decided and so did some other people here that it was probably not right for morning tv.

>> is kate upton in it.

>> no.

>> we're going to put that on our website and you can go to and check that one out. you can see all of these on our website and look for your favorite during the super bowl .