TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Cramer: Economy almost back to pre-recession level

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money, analyzes where the country stands in a number of economic sectors, including the housing market and employment.

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>> best news but there are bright spots. let's start off with those. we're looking at unemployment figures. we know that unemployment has been down since the year 2010 . what are we going to see moving into the new year?

>> we'll get back to where we were before the great recession. i see a lot of hiring in different segments of the economy. it's good news.

>> specifically what segments are we looking at?

>> oil and gas , incredible. construction. commercial construction. auto, aerospace, they're all going to right direction.

>> all places to look. when it comes to housing, 2013 was pretty strong in terms of housing recovery. part of that due of course to the low interest rates . is that going to effect things as the interest rates start to go up in 2014 .

>> we are literally building only half the houses that we need in this country versus where we were 50 years ago. it's a growth economy. people are tired living with their folks, living with their in-laws. big change going to continue in 2014 .

>> good news for buyers and seller as like. when we look at -- let's get back to the stocks now. 2013 ended on a good note. it was a pretty strong year but then we see this cautious opening yesterday for 2014 . what does that tell you?

>> first we have to look almost every single time when we're up 20% over a many, many year period, the next year was good. don't take your queue from what happened yesterday except for to look for bargains.

>> this gets right into your new book "get rich carefully." any advice for investors on where to find the opportunities?

>> people are ix looking at long-term themes that are going to work. wellness, bio tech, social and mobile for tech itself. these are all long-term