TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Hundreds of flights canceled after winter storm

NBC’s Tom Costello provides a winter travel update, and reports that hundreds of flights have been canceled after a winter storm struck the East Coast.

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>> going to find tom costello. the good news, tom, the snow has ended. the bad news, the damage and the pain is going to continue.

>> yeah, we're talking about travel across the country. let's start with air travel . we have a live radar imagine of all the planes in the air this morning. not nearly as many as we would normally see but we have airports closed. nationwide up to 1400 cancellations. yesterday 2300 cancellations and delays. in new york they're reporting significant delays and because of that it's empty right now. flight cancellations already mounting there. come out live, we go to the misery map here. flight's misery map. this is what's happening in terms of airport cancellations

and delays and the effect: of the three airports in the new york city area, we have 57 cancelled flights until 8:00 in the morning. they are mounting through the day. the d.c. area showing delays and cancellations. 19 cancellations. boston airport was closed last night and now up until 8:00 in the morning. 14 canceled flights. let's go back to o'hare in chicago. 12 cancelled flights. that's just until 8:00 in the morning. now to the roads, nearly 86 million people traveling by car over the holidays. today it's the east coast that's the focus. we have this real time traffic and all the major interstates in the eastern half of the country. yellow and red of course are trouble areas and look at what's happening in the new england area. as you saw, big problems around boston, new hampshire, vermont, et cetera . keep going now. we want to take a look at what's happening through the rest of the country. the biggest problems beyond i-93 up in massachusetts, we have ice and snowpacked conditions. i-93 up there as well. now we want to take a quick look now at amtrak. critical on the northeast corridor . the northeast regional service operating on reduced schedules between boston and washington today. so this storm, expected to impact about 100 million people and likely to make for a very slow day of travel across much of the country. guys, back to you.

>>> tom, thank you very much.