TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Celeb photos by ‘king of paparazzi’ on display

NBC’s Martin Fletcher travels to London to take a look at a new exhibit of celebrity images taken by English photographer Richard Young, sometimes referred to as “the king of paparazzi.”

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>> called the king of the paparazzi, richard young one of the most important photographers of his generation, some of his favorite photos are knfee curfeatured in a brand-new show.

>> reporter: it's the sound of fame and fortune for some photographers. the one you won't find in the london pack anymore is richard young , been there, done that.

>> i was the original. i was the only one. there was no one else standing outside those clubs.

>> reporter: that was nearly 40 years ago. his big break came when he posed as a dj and snapped this iconic moment of the power couple at the time, richard burton and elizabeth taylor and she freaked out.

>> her nose came over and touched my nose.

>> reporter: elizabeth taylor .

>> in no uncertain terms she tells me to leave the room. she is angry. she is really angry.

>> reporter: how did you get it? who you are you, go, leave? i didn't say a word. i was out.

>> reporter: with the scoop, right away, he learned lesson number one.

>> you are being polite. you are being humble. you are being friendly. you get into all the situations where half the photographers i know would be thrown out.

>> you have to be nice to these people. if you are going to be an idiot, you are going nowhere . you will be outside on the streets. from day one, i didn't want to be outside on the streets. i wanted to be the guy they invited on the pence.

>> reporter: and he was. kate moss once said of young, if he isn't here, it isn't a party. who is this guy?

>> this is jack nicholson .

>> reporter: david bowie .

>> i captured it this beautifully at the time.

>> reporter: mcjagger.

>> mic is making sure jerry looks great for the night.

>> reporter: and he says what a great career?

>> i have had breakfast with nelson mandela . i've had lunch with the dalai lama.

>> reporter: he left school age 14, taught himself to shoot pictures and says, he's enjoyed every moment. for "today," martin fletcher , nbc news, london.