TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

What are the odds? Twins born before and after new year

Two twins are born minutes apart, one right before midnight on New Year’s Eve, and the other on New Year’s Day.

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>> newborn twins in washington, d.c., lorraine and brandon begazo made news arriving minutes apart but in separate years.

>> oh, that's great.

>> lorraine is born at 11:58 tuesday december 31st , 2013 , brandon following minutes later, three minutes to be exact at 12:10 a.m . he's january 1st .

>> he will hold that over her.

>> he will be like i'm older.

>> separate month, separate years, the whole thing.

>> birthdays are hard enough with kids two years apart, but three minutes apart, you got to celebrate them together.

>> on new year's eve.

>> start lying to them now.

>> so it's always a party on your birthday.

>> that will be great when they're 22.

>> right. al, let's get back to that storm.

>> all right. let's show you what we got happening. this thing is really a monster.