TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Alyssa Milano responds to ‘fat-shaming’ comments

The actress responded to comments made by comedian Jay Mohr about her appearance when she attended the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion's Awards in Las Vegas last month.

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>> story is a strange one.

>> it's because we're not quite clear about it.

>> it's a little murky.

>> alissa milano the actress. she has responded in let's say a very dig fiified way to comments allegedly made by the actor jay moore , comedienne about her post- baby weight . made allegedly in an interview by jay moore . alissa milano did respond. it's widely reported. they appeared december at a pass the car event, an appearance. jay mohr reported alissa was small in stature and put on wake or something like that.

>> she had a baby.

>> something to the effect she didn't care any more. whatever the truth is, if she sort of got wind of that, that he was saying that. she tweeted him a very smart and i think classy tweet.

>> here's what she said. @jaymohr 37. so sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. be well and god bless . please say hello to your lovely wife.

>> there is nicki cox , his wife. they were not reached for comment. they wouldn't respond. but who know what was really said. but no matter what, she took the high road . that's always a good thing to do.

>> absolutely. if, in fact, he said it. a lot of these times they're going for the shock value. he's a comedienne. i'm sure he didn't mean to hurt her, but sometimes you get on a roll and you just, you end up laughing. you take it up to the next level. before you know it, some feelings are hurt.

>> you pick the wrong target. to do that, by the way she is beautiful. she looks great. it's hard to know.