TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Here’s how to keep New Year’s resolutions

Before you throw in the towel, life coach Laurie Gerber has a few tips to help you keep your goal of losing weight, breaking bad habits, or spending more time with friends and family.

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>> well, the celebrating is finally over. now it's time to get to work with new year's resolutions.

>> nearly afl of us make resolutions, researchers say only 8% of us manage to keep them.

>> here to help us out is lori gerber. great to see you. happy new year.

>> umpg that. it's great to be here.

>> all right. let's dive into these t. first one resolution is lose weight , get healthy. easier said than done?

>> we listen to voices in our head. they see why we can't do the food right, get the examiner sides in. you have to be specific. i will stop eating at 7:00. i will lose a pound a week. i will have a salad every day, right? then go public. tell everybody. make it a promise.

>> so in other words you are a big fan of documenting stay like on a facebook or something like that? you know it works. it ask people to hold you to account. you report each week on your social media . they can share with you if you are doing well or slacking or they can hold you to account. which is the most important.

>> what do you say to people, are you supposed to be eating that?

>> that's called support. that's okay.

>> those are your real friends. you will be so happy when you do it.

>> get somebody with you.

>> one person if not everyone.

>> another is breaking a bad habit , whether it's smoking or sugar. obviously, these are handled differently. where do you begin with say smoking?

>> very hard to quit a physical habit. if we're too much on the internet, food, smoke, drugs, alcohol, it means we are covering up something else. when you start to break the habit, know those notions and issues are come up. get a support group . there is a reason those things work and go incremental. usually cold turkey doesn't work that well.

>> does it help to reward yourself along the way?

>> rewards are great. they can be fun t. great thing about quitting a habit is usually you save a lot of money. can you use that stage by stage and actually get something for yourself that will be good for you.

>> i like that one. another one a lot of people i hear i want to volunteer more, give more of my time. i'm not sure how they know how to begin to pick the cause for them.

>> everybody wants to give back. nobody make time for it. with the demands of work and family, solutions, combient with work and family. make it fun make it manageable. there is a do-good bus. you get a fancy book and ride around and get a surprise volunteer opportunity. making it fun, right. you have to get it on the calendar. if nobody is expecting you you can blow it off.

>> you talk about family. this has been one of my resolutions to be there, no screens.

>> that's the extra rule.

>> so just like anything that's important and family and friends really are the most important if you think about it. if you care about it. you will care about it. so you have to put it on the schedule. date fight with your lover, loved ones, whatever. family time with your kids, of course, girl's night out are fun times with your friends, has to go on the calendar and here's the cool part. if you tell people what they will get if you blow it off. you are much more likely to get it. if i have a girl's night. i have to reschedule, i buy the drinks. you see that? they hold you to account.

>> you got to schedule it. be specific and be accountable. that way you will actually keep your resolution.

>> great at advisement thank you