TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Set a schedule for healthy eating

When you’re on a diet, sometime it’s not just what you eat but when you eat that matters, too. Fitness trainer and founder of Lauren Slayton gives some tips on healthy eating at the right time.

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>> ah, if you are planning on losing weight this year. it's not just about what you should eat also when you should eat.

>> so here to get you on the road the founder of food trainers and the author of the new book "the little book of thin." lauren slateen. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> to help your clients tackle these food challenges, take us through the day. how do you get started?

>> to start, when you eat is as important as what you are eating. so timing is everything when it comes to weight loss . we will go through a day. i will show you the different timing tricks starting with breakfast t. key is you want to eat within two hours of waking up. it doesn't have to be first thing.

>> you said protein, mostly, right?

>> your breakfast needs to contain protein.

>> that will keep your appetite in control the rest of the day. here is the coming from a low fat . not a non-fat greek yogurt . s the with hemp seeds and chia seeds. we all like that. the hemp seeds helps with belly fat .

>> my daughter goes, i'm not hungry in the morning what do you do?

>> it doesn't have to be the first thing, or a lot. a little something to get you started and smoothies work well for kids. this is what i call dutch, which means dinner for lunch. instead of having your largest meal at the end of the day and saving up, you want to have a big meal mid-day 12:00 , 12:30 . this dunch is poached salmon about the size of an iphone, a good queue and a hefty serving of vegetables.

>> the dinner is 6:00. done.

>> we will talk about that. yeah.

>> what about mid-afternoon snack?

>> snack time . we all love snack time . but you want to be careful that it's not a lunch dessert. it doesn't come right after launch. wait at least two hours after you have your lunch. no longer than 4:00. about 3:00. don't be fooled by this pretty display. this is not a portion but you can rinse out a nut tin, a mint tin and use it as a nut case. so you have a little portion always with you.

>> that is not a pill case.

>> these are some of the recipes?

>> these are some of the recipes. the reminder for dinner is that you really want to eat an early bid dinner. a lot of moms nibble with the kids and they eat a second dinner. and here we have if little book of thin pesto turkey burger. it's delicious, or for a veggie option, here is a loaded sweet potato with kale and hot sauce.

>> i know you have this in your house, brooke , your kids have after school activities , dinner time sometimes it doesn't happen until 7:00/7:30.

>> as early as you can is the key. you want 12 hours between the last thing you eat and the first thing you eat the next day. so indulge your inner senior citizen 6:00, 6:30.

>> blue light special.

>> i read the book. it all seems like if you did what you did in your book, yes, you can do it. how do you make it not difficult for people like is this an easy thing to add in?

>> i guess the timing is easy. it's something we can all sort of pay attention to our schedules. it's not sort of gimmicky. after din ter kitchen is closed. few want a little something, try tea. this is i believe it has lavender in it.

>> it does. it's like you are drink a sachet.

>> drinking a sachet.

>> go to your underwear drawer, suck on. that then you will lose weight .

>> wow.

>> yeah, i'm -- i don't know.

>> what a week.

>> for brooke , it's playing time , i apologize, she is in great shape. this is an easy exercise you can do anywhere. you will get on your forearms. al, you will use these for your weights.

>> on.

>> so you will get the regular little place.

>> that's perfect. see her body is straight. not like this no tushie down or up. just there.

>> you feel it everywhere, right, brooke ?

>> i do.

>> she is getting fancy.

>> you can do biceps.

>> this is nothing.

>> you can put that in.

>> i'm doing great.

>> how are you doing?

>> hold on. we need some place to sit. hold on.

>> you can use anything for weight. you can use books, et cetera .