TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Jeff Daniels talks music, ‘Dumb and Dumber’ sequel

The multi-talented actor and musician talks about his new music album, winning an Emmy for his work on HBO’s “The Newsroom,” and reuniting with Jim Carrey after 20 years for the upcoming sequel to “Dumb and Dumber.”

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>> with one of hurrican floyd's most rnted actors. jeff daniels won an emmy for his role on "the newsroom." there is that sequel to "dumb and dumber." did you know he is a talented musician. he has five albums. nice to have you back. i want to talk about music in a second. congratulations on the emmy award . i watched your acceptance speech. up seemed genuinely surprised. not like those fake surprise actors who get up. you seemed really surprised.

>> stunned. kathleen my wife and i, we were there for the food.

>> that was the limit of your expectations?

>> she had scanned the internet and said, well out of six of you, you are either fifth or sixth. so we were very surprised and grateful and you know anybody can win one of those things. i was glad i did. it was a great group.

>> you started your acceptance speech by saying, well, crap and clearly i think that summed it all. it's really the first major award you have won, although you have been nominated a lot.

>> i have been nominated for a lot of things over the years the only thing i had won like i said in the speech was for splitting the wales, best actor after 50 for the aarp.

>> that was true.

>> they give you a golden barkalounger. we flew out. i thought it was great.

>> you got two great trophies. the music thing is something a lot of people aren't aware of. i think it's funny, because your speech, you wrote a song about that speech.

>> i did.

>> i love your music, it's querky, it shows off your sense of humor.

>> i've always enjoyed entertaining. i think that comes from the theater and broadway and all dhachlt we are there to do that, but make sure they have a good time. also for the guy tar players, i can get around and show them i can do that.

>> show me you can do that a bit.

>> there is a song neil sedaka wrote a song breaking up is hard to do. i wrote one about baby take your tongue out of my mouth, i'm kissing you good-bye. you walk in i walked out we ain't got nothing we can talk about, babe take your tongue out of my mouth i'm kissing you good-bye i don't know where you been but you been passed around lately like a bottle of begin take your --

>> good for morning tv. perfect.

>> it goes on from there.

>> where did you start? when did you start playing?

>> i bought a guy tar. i left michigan in 1976 . i was 21. i bought a guy tar and just to learn how to play when i was sitting in the new york trying to be an actor waiting between phone calls . so creatively, it's been this wonderful kind of friend.

>> we have phone each other for a long time. i've always liked you. now i know, i was reading about you last night and your musical tastes. i realize we have something major in common. lysle love it. i love the music of lysle love it. he's one of the guys you admire as well?

>> very much so. i met lysle in 1985 on the couch of the johnny carson show with johnny and it was, johnny a couple 250i78s. lysle was the musical guest and we have been acquaintance, i'd say friend ever since, occasionally, he'll come through with john hyatt on his song writers thing, where they sit there and trade songs in front of an audience. he very kindly brought me up on stage and, you know, he goes great, do a song, great. he gets me off. then the encore, he goes, we will do baby don't tolerate, which is one of his. you know that. i go, yeah. he goes blues and g. you will -- i go, i backed her like, doing every g blues. i get out there. it was great. just a great friend.

>> speaking of genius, dumb and dumber, coming back after 20 years, was it fun to make with jim cary?

>> i think jim has a one of a kind gift. i think he's a comedic genius. to parry what i can do with him was joy. we blend well together. we have become friends over the years. i think that translates into harry and lloyd. we are still middle aged , still that stupid, you know, that's a given. but he really was. it was a joy to make. i hope it's funnier than the first one.

>> you got it where you want it right now?

>> yeah, we are doing okay.

>> jeff, good to have you, play some giks in new york. you get snowed in, you can listen to jeff daniels . for more information on those concert dates, head to