TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Check out Carson Daly’s bloody Mary recipe

Carson Daly mixes up his own recipe of the classic drink for the TODAY team.

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>> something that maybe could have come in handy for a lot of people on wednesday.

>> we got to get going.

>> a snowstorm is coming for a lot of people. you might need this, too the bloody mary . my all i'm favorite.

>> i love making the bloody mary . a hobby for me at this point. it was my gift to people.

>> yes, it was.

>> with my recipe.

>> wow!

>> it's not a hangover cure. for those still hung over from new year's eve, your answer is pedialyte.

>> let the electrolytes back in.

>> if you are still hung over that, is an aggressive new year.

>> this is the hair of the dog .

>> it's a strong drink.

>> no question.

>> like three-quarters vodka.

>> a mixer or tomato juice ?

>> this is a mix.

>> another hour. we will say that. we will put horseradish in there.

>> wow!

>> a different kind of my secret is a little bit of sweet pickle juice.

>> which we love.

>> we will do a little bit of pepper. i like to use a little lemon to kind of cut through this. the worcester. we will put that in there as well. kind of a mess. it all comes together.

>> i also like to mix a little of alphabet in there.

>> a little celery salt kind of throughout it.

>> okay.

>> honestly the key to a great bloody mary is ice. you want clear ice . i will drive to the liquor store rather than use the ice in my refrigerator. the cloudy ice melts fast and ruins the drink.

>> it waters down.

>> you need the high vodka content.

>> i want it cold.

>> beef jerky .

>> i seen the beef jerky before.

>> do you eat that after you put it in there?

>> blake shelton and i on the set of "the voice" we will have 15 of these. eat it. it's fantastic.

>> it puts the whole show into perspective, doesn't it?

>> basically the final product.

>> you researched this for a long period of time.

>> i'm sorry. do we have enough for everybody. this is for you. i drink these all the time.

>> you have already had five this morning?

>> right before he gets to the orange room .

>> let's see if this measures up.

>> wow!

>> how much more do we have to do today?

>> this is going to be a good 9:00 hour.

>> willie.

>> see that. you got to get some of this.

>> we have another dog over here.

>> you better hurry up. i saw hoda in the building.

>> i am in with kathie lee for hoda. i will bring some of these.

>> yeah.

>> what do you think of that?

>> we didn't get a chance to say to you, how did it it go on new year's eve?

>> it was fun. it was my 16th year doing the ball drop. it was great.

>> it becomes things we have done for quite some time now.

>> it was done.

>> it was hot at one point. people don't realize they pump hot air on our set.

>> simply, you didn't have gloves on. you had a hat.

>> it was great. what do