TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Woman receives Obamas’ Christmas gift by mistake

Alane Church, who lives north of Chicago, mistakenly received a photo book intended for the godparents of President Obama’s daughters mixed in with other Christmas packages delivered from the post office. She says that the photos are “very special” personal moments of the first daughters’ year, and that she’ll be sending the gift on to the intended recipients.

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>> all right, trending on facebook, opening christmas presents can often make for some surprises. imagine opening a gift and realizing it came to you by mistake for none other than the president of the united states . take a look at the tag on the gift from barak, michelle and the girls. it was intended for mama kaye , who was sasha and malia's godmother. she joins us now via skype. elaine, good morning. congratulations.

>> good morning, matt.

>> what exactly is the gift? what is in this thing?

>> it was a beautiful personal photoshop like shutterfly.

>> what are some of the pictures? do you want to take us through or are you not wanting to show these?

>> we are sort of keeping it private for mama kaye . very special. private moments of their year 2013 together.

>> and so how did it get to you, though? what happened that it ended up with you opening it instead of mama kaye ?

>> we have an uncle david in new york. he sent us a box of presents and it was a week late and we finally got the gift yesterday on new year's eve day. we opened it at breakfast. my husband started to unpack this box and realize it was in major disarray. the gifts were broken opened. parts of the old box were in this box repackaged. in the bottom of the box was the extra gift. and we were reading the tag, trying to figure out, you know, where this came from and it was opened. we discovered this was a personal gift for mama kaye .

>> congratulation, you know, again, look through it send it back quickly. elaine, happy holidays to you, happy new year.

>> happy new year to you