TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Probe of tonsillectomy that left girl brain-dead begins

The State of California has launched an independent investigation after a young girl was declared brain-dead following a tonsillectomy. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> new developments in that controversial fight over a 13-year-old girl on life support who has been declared dead by doctors. nbc's miguel almagei re is there.

>> reporter: two court orders kept that little girl on a vent later. her family is asking for help this as her family launches an independent investigation. for three weeks, jahi 's mother has remained by her daughter's side. she was there when the 13-year-old went into cardiac arrest and was declared brain dead after a complex on the sillectomy.

>> she said, my daughter started to bleed and that will scar me forever because it happened in front of my face. today jahi remains on a ventilator. her family wants her out of children's hospital.

>> once the facility has agreed to move her and we have notified the hospital, we are allowed to move jahi .

>> reporter: doctors declared jahi brain dead . her family says she's alive, in order to move her to a long-term care facility , a breathing tube is required. children's hospital says it won't perform the surgery because it's unethical.

>> the family's attorney has created a hoax, a very sad hoax that jahi mcmann is in some way alive. she's not.

>> she's locked up there in that tower. they won't help her. but they won't give us what we need to get her out.

>> reporter: jahi 's family is receiving support from the life and hope network. terry schiavo was kept alive 15 years on a ventilator. now, jahi 's story is doing the same. jahi 's family has until january 7th to move her.

>> that is when the court order keeping her on a ventilator expires. they say they have found a facility in new york to care for mer. peter.

>> all right. miguel, thanks, very