TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Man accused of stealing millions, faking death arrested

A former banker accused of faking his death to cover up the theft of millions of dollars was arrested after a traffic stop in Georgia. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>>> now a headline-making arrest. a florida banker fakes his own death captured during a routine traffic stop. peter has more on that for us this morning. probably not how he thought it would end.

>> this is an insane story. a federal grand jury indicted price in ab stensia more than a year ago. today tinally, he will face a federal judge for his crimes for the first time. when deputies pulled over a car on i-59 on georgia for having illegally tinted windows , they never could guess who was pence, a driver, a former banker, faking his own death.

>> it was a blow.

>> he was indicted on charges he defrauded the montgomery bank and trust by moving $21 million into an account to hide theft and losses while he was a director of the bank. authorities say price , a former preacher, told acquaintances if 2012 , he had lost a lot of money in trading activities and planned to kill himself by jumping off a ferry.

>> i never once thought he was dead.

>> reporter: this under surveillance video shows price a year-and-a-half ago after writing a suicide note confessing to stealing money. he was last seen june 16th , 2012 , boarding a ferry for ft. meyers.

>> it was shocked to know the guy or seeing the guy. the next thing you see in the paper, you know, they're after him.

>> reporter: the fbi says they always thought price was alive.

>> in this ep code of "american greed the fugitives."

>> reporter: price was fee dhurd on cnbc's "american greed." now price is once again making headlines. while his appearance has changed, his victim's anger remains the same.

>> justice prevails t. big foot of karma will come back and squash you.

>> reporter: i thought this part was interesting, when he was pulled over , he was carrying several i.d.s with different photos. at first they couldn't figure out who he was. he said, sit down, i will make you famous. by the way, we contacted price 's wife for xhevents, she had none. i guess if he hadn't killed himself , she probably would have done it.

>> i'm going to make you famous. big ego there.

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