TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Major snowstorm looms in Northeast

A powerful weather system is expected to dump as much as a foot to 14 inches of snow in some areas of the Northeast.

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>> kids. is that so much more time to ask?

>> stay pence from now on.

>> is it the one you can build a snowman?

>> al is going to talk about this forecast in a second. we get right to nbc's ron mott up in boston where they are expecting perhaps a foot of snow. good morning to you, happy new year.

>> hey, matt, good morning. happy new year to you. mass transit is the way to go the next couple of days here, for the drivers out here, the morning rush will be okay. probably a little longer than usual. getting home tonight , getting anywhere tomorrow could be quite a test. day two of the new year, the first major winter storm of 2014 is here, threatening much of the northeast with heavy snow, strong winds and coastal flooding. residents preparing for battle today, firing up generators, boarding up window, stocking up on food and supplies.

>> i'm starting the generator to make sure it works when we feed it.

>> to make sure we have our snow blowers ready, shovels ready. we have already done the grocery shopping to beat all that crowd.

>> reporter: driving was treacherous a. man died if indiana when his truck ran into a bus t. chicago river iced up. more than 600 flights rounded at o'hare. in new england, temperatures will plunge quickly. low- to mid-20s today. single digits in places tomorrow and very windy.

>> so you do what you do. you board up. you put down the sandbags. you protect yourself as best you can and hope for the best.

>> reporter: many schools have called off classes today. even more on friday, extending happy holidays for kids. now the wind can be a real "x factor" here. expecting winds up to 45 miles per hour. obviously, very dangerous, if not impossible driving. erica.

>> all right. ron mott. thanks,