TODAY   |  January 01, 2014

Stay on your New Year’s diet with these tips

Samantha Cassetty, nutritional director with the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, offers a few tips on staying healthy in the new year and reveals some unexpected items in your kitchen that may be preventing you from losing weight. 

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>>> did you know that your kitchen could be making you fat? that's right. blame it on the countertops, cabinets and fridge.

>> here with the seven surprising ways your kitchen could be sabotaging your weight loss plan is samantha cassidy.

>> nutrition director for "seven

years younger: the anti-aging breakthrough diet." those ladies and gentlemen know their stuff.

>> it is frightening.

>> hi.

>> hi.

>> is it really true, our kitchen has something to do with the way we're eating?

>> absolutely. the way you organize your kitchen can lead you to eat more. and i love this idea. that means we can eat less without counting calories and worrying about --

>> okay. tell us what you mean.

>> let's start with the frigid frigida frigida frigidaire.

>> you buy your produce.

>> put it in a drawer in the back.

>> it's a waste of money and you're not eating it. don't play hide and seek with your produce. put it front and center, make it look beautiful. you'll dig in. get all those great anti-aging nutrient.

>> what about the yogurt? you have that out in plain view .

>> it's such a popular thing now. we see here, we have --

>> the fruity yogurt where you mix it in. when the fruit is on the bottom, it could have three teaspoons of sugar on the fruit on the bottom.

>> what about the one with the honey?

>> not a good idea. you don't want the side cars. you want the plain --

>> of course you do. nobody wants the plain.

>> you add to it.

>> you can add the fruit. can you put a little bit of honey on top but you won't get the three teaspoons you would get in the premade version.

>> okay. i'm teasing you.

>> and then you get fiber and protein.

>> this is obvious. this is hoda's downfall.

>> usually front and center.

>> put blake's treats in it, instead, and hide your cookies, but don't get drunk and eat his.

>> this says eat me sitting on the countertop. it's calling your name.

>> it surely does.

>> you're going to help me. woo r going to hide it. tuck it away and we're going to grab.

>> the nuts.

>> the healthy snacks. i'll grab these. you can grab those.

>> these aren't bad.

>> why your an off the middle of the, aren't you? you think people are really going to do this. this is great.

>> you have your healthy snack when you want something sneed, d sweet, dried ap riricot.

>> i would be afraid they would get them dried sbouty eied out and stale.

>> you can put them in a cookie jar .

>> if there's one food change you're going to make this year, get rid of the white bread .

>> what about country white that's enriched and all that stuff?

>> i hate to break it to you. your body thinks it's a sugar.

>> it processes it like a --

>> processes it pretty much like sugar, raises your blood sugar , that increases cravings, causes overeating.

>> we have wheat bread , whole grain.

>> goes so great with the plain yogurt.

>> it has more fiber to fill you up and it's linked to less belly fat . that's a perk we can get behind.

>> now you're talking. yeah. this is smart about the baggies and keeping things --

>> hoda is in love with ziploc. but not for food. she like it is for everything else.

>> i use it as a purse. that's my own issue.

>> that's okay. you don't want to fill it up like you're taking snacks on the go. filling up a large bag like this, you could have as many as 1,000 calories of nuts. get the small snack size bag.

>> just a little tiny bit of time. plate size is important.

>> we definitely want to go with the smaller plate. looks like you're getting more food. you'll naturally eat less. same with the wine glass .

>> tend to fill it up, sure.

>> there's a 50-calorie difference in those glasses.

>> drink water.