TODAY   |  January 01, 2014

KLG and Hoda: Rules for being a lady in 2014

Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss advice from on how to be a successful lady in 2014, including being more consistent when planning with friends and learning to cook a great meal on the fly.

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>>> hey. it's wines day wednesday. who cares?

>> it is!

>> most of all, though, hoda, we did it.

>> we made it. it is new year's day.

>> that means it's january, what?

>> first.

>> yeah.

>> 2014 . get used to writing it on your checks. whoever writes checks.

>> that's still me. that's still me. how long is it going to take you? you don't ever write a check?

>> yes, i do.

>> big checks for your dog walker .

>> dog walker and dog trainer . yes.

>> hoda had no idea how much that was going to cost.

>> yes, it is.

>> but hoda just signed a good, new, long-term deal here at nbc news. so, that dog walker will be putting her kids through college.

>> yes.

>> later on, you are the busiest girl in the world, hosting along with al roker , the hardest working man in show business , the annual roses parade. are you excited?

>> yes. i've never done a parade.

>> al is the perfect person to do it with. i've never seen al discouraged or down or cynical.

>> always in a great mood.

>> he's always, hey, hey! sometimes it's annoying. but mostly we just love the dpie. have fun, sweetheart.

>> thank you. it's hangover time. and you might be nursing one. they say that the number one choice for a hangover is --

>> in america.

>> -- in america is more alcohol, apparently, a bloody mary .

>> we're stupid. that's what most people will do, have one of those babies. all around the world, it's different. so, let's see. in the daily beast decided to round up a list of hangover cures around the world because they had nothing better to do last night.

>> in germany --

>> yes.

>> this is what they eat. pickled herring , wrapped around pickled cucumbers .

>> then they stink for the rest of the year. russians like to go into the sauna.

>> that makes sense, sweat it out to recover. they're smart.

>> philippines like a poached duck egg .

>> i've never had a duck egg anyway much less poached.

>> scotland likes a carbonated orange drink . eye of the hagis. the british? what do they do? lovely bacon sandwich .

>> bacon on bread?

>> we ran out of money last year. we were overbudget.

>> scientifically proven a mixture of bread and bacon, they do, in fact, produce amino acids to help recover from a hangover.

>> if that wasn't written right there, would you have known that?

>> yes.

>> soaking up all the alcohol, the nasty stuff and then the grease puts more in. top five cities in the country to go brunching.

>> i was surprised that new york and lncht and l.a. were not on the top five list.

>> or new orleans.

>> it's not true. number five is --

>> san francisco . number four city for brunch, according to yelp, is portland.

>> yelp.

>> yelp. uh-huh.

>> number three is denver.

>> number two minneapolis-st. paul.

>> and the number one city for.

>> oh, for brunch is --

>> chicago.

>> chicago!

>> i bet you're going to enjoy it anywhere, wherever you're going. do you know what we happen to find, hod?

>> what?

>> sound on tape is everywhere. you can never get away from something. you made a new year's resolution a year ago.

>> right. everyone did. what happened? did i do mine?

>> let's take a look at what you swore you were going to do this past year.

>> oh, what is it?

>> did you make your -- we talk about the new year's --

>> resolutions? i make the same one so it's easy to remember, every year. mine is to get organized.

>> i know.

>> always.

>> hasn't worked yet.

>> not going to work. the other one is -- i'm not going to say no sweets because that's stupid but i have such a terrible sweet tooth that i would love to have less sweets.

>> how did you do with that?

>> i'm wearing the same dress is what i've gathered from the year that's gone by. that's the only takeaway.

>> and i watched you eat your donut holes this morning for breakfast.

>> i feel awful. you know when you hate yourself?

>> oh.

>> the folks from duncan hines sent a cake over. it had red velvet and green -- it was red and green for the holidays. after all i ate, with you watching me --

>> yes.

>> in private, secretly, i hunked off a piece that have cake and ate it.

>> you're not kid zpding.

>> i feel totally -- like sugar high , disgusting.

>> it's still your resolution.

>> this year's different. i'm going to wear green again in 2015 and make the same resolution.

>> i know how hard they are. only 8% of the people that make them keep them. i'm going to make one that's kind of easy to keep.

>> what?

>> i do not eat enough vegetables and i do not eat enough fruits.

>> you're going to do those two?

>> i'm going to do that, too. this fantastic water thing my daughter does now. maybe we'll make it and start drinking some of that. it's water and you slice cucumber and put in it. it is so cleansing and so fantastic. so i'll get the recipe for that and i will make it maybe next week.

>> do you remember when we were doing that juicing for a minute?

>> yes.

>> we had the green juice .

>> my friend.

>> yes.

>> that was so good. maybe i'll try to do that one.

>> try to make one that's not so earth shattering that you'll feel even worse about yourself when you don't keep it. the world will condemn you enough. you don't have to do the soft condemnation thing.

>> the most popular resolution is to lose weight , according to the us news and world report .

>> common excuse.

>> what is it?

>> i don't have enough time. have you enough time to eat.

>> i can't stay motivated to get it done. that's true.

>> right. and i just can't lose the weight. that one makes sense. even though i'm not going to the gym and i can't make the time and i'm --

>> exhausted.

>> still eating, i just can't lose the weight. there are rules for you, lady.

>> there are?

>> rules for and you me.

>> we hope this will help you. came up with some, i think, pretty cool rules for being a lady in 2014 . right?

>> some people out there want us to wear hose all winter long. what do you say to them?

>> no.

>> they say a real lady does. they say real professionals wear hose. i said, well don't and they're pros.

>> master at least one dish that can you whip up on short zblts you have two now.

>> i have two. remember, the piece of fish and ponzu sauce in the oven, now i have the same with chicken, lemon and chicken and i'm done.

>> lemon in the cavity. try to keep -- i try to do this. nice thing of fresh flowers pretty cheaply. try to keep fresh flowers some place. they do, especially in the dead of winter, they cheer you up.

>> make you feel better.

>> make plans with friends.

>> this is a big one.

>> people you actually like instead of people you work with, if you know what i'm talking about.

>> i thought i did.

>> i don't mean you. i mean other people. people that you haven't seen in a while that put a smile on your face.

>> that happens. sometimes you get busy. i've done that before. for christmas, you sit around, make calls, or new year's, make calls to friends you haven't spoken to.

>> dr. nancy snyderman . we have never had lunch.

>> you're having lunch today with dr. nancy?

>> yes. you want to come?

>> yes.

>> be happy for your friends.

>> when they're like i got engaged. i got a new job and you're thinking, i didn't get engaged. i have the same crumby job.

>> i'm wearing the same dress i was a year ago. i didn't even notice until you said it, frankly.

>> i did notice.

>> be joyous with your friends and cry with them, too, when they're crying.

>> if someone has hurt you, for some reason, give them a chance to make up for it. if they want to apologize, let them do it. you hold such a grudge. it gets bigger in your head the weeks and months it goes along. talk to them, get it over with.

>> if they don't want you to forgive them, forgive them anyway. you'll feel better. by not forgiving them, you're hurting yourself.

>> and if they're really nasty, write them off.

>> gone.

>> give other women complements.

>> you look awesome in that dress.

>> that same green dress.

>> i love your hair this color so much better, hod.

>> that darker?

>> we do have the same dress.

>> it's close.

>> no, it's not. no, it's not. it's not. i love it with auburn now. it's chestnut.

>> thank you.

>> and new, new, new.

>> here is the weird thing. netflix has the new show " house of cards ." on valentine's day is when the new season comes out. they release every single episode so you can sit and watch them all at once. you don't have to wait.

>> what?

>> no. there's 22 episodes.

>> in seven days. wow!

>> it's crazy. i like to watch one and share and wonder what's happening. i don't like to sit there and watch every single one.

>> we waited until all the hatfields & mccoys was done and watched all four hours of it.

>> did you like it?

>> i loved it.

>> are you on "the house of cards ," are you going to watch that?

>> yes, i want to. they ran "the sound of music" one more time. we watched it the night that it aired. it was about a week later. frank says, gee, this is great. forgot that we watched it a week before. it made me so happy. i walked in and he's singing every song.

>> he was?

>> sitting in front of the -- he said this is great. i think he gets confused about which one is the julie andrews , which one is the other one.

>> it was good the second time around.

>> it really was. you saw things you didn't see before.

>>> quarter of americans prefer -- drum roll -- a female boss. that's going up.

>> but that means three-quarters of people don't.

>> still work yet it be done.

>> apparently women would prefer not to have a female boss.

>> we have a couple of female bosses here. it depends on the person, because we like them all.

>> i think it does. and some women feel other women are competitive or being funky that way.

>> i don't think i ever worked for a woman i didn't like.

>> really?

>> i don't think i've worked for too many women. how about you?

>> here mainly and, yeah, i've liked our female boss.

>> even if we didn't, would we be stupid and say we don't?

>> we wouldn't.