TODAY   |  January 01, 2014

Get a six-pack in six months (for real!)

To kick off the “6 Months to a 6 Pack Challenge,” TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer and fitness trainer Jeff Halevy begin helping three viewers blast away belly fat and get abs of steel.

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>>> this morning, we're kicking off a special series to get you healthy this new years. it's called our six months to a six pack challenge.

>> that's right. we're going to help you blast belly fat and get abs of steal just like these.

>> what?

>> i know. where did those come from.

>> i know. they came from props is where they came from.

>> very nice.

>> but you don't need props.

>> today joy bauer and all star fitness train r are here to transform three viewers and you at home.

>> so first up, we have tamra. she is starting at 178 pounds. she has a 39 inch waist and her bmi is 30.6. that is body mass index . that's a measure of what you should weigh at your height. she is in the obese category and we're bringing her way down. under 25.

>> what's motivating you right now?

>> well, several factors. i'm a social worker and i work with the veterans and i have always been taking care of other people and i let myself go and then also my family, a lot of history of heart disease and diabetes. and most of all, i want to be a brick house .

>> yeah.

>> i'm ready to start dancing.

>> brick house .

>> we're going to be singing that song at the end of the six months. i promise you. up next is kelly. 47 years old. stay at home mom and you're a chronic yo yo dieter. a lot of people can relate to that. why now?

>> i'm ready. the older you get the harder it gets. i'm learning that right now and i'm tired of telling people that i'm trying to lose the baby weight and my baby is 10.

>> yeah.

>> i think it's time. i'm excited.

>> she is starting at 177 pounds. she has got a waist that's 41 ptd 5. we want that under 35.

>> ralph is 63 years old and paramedic for ten years, emt for 40 years and six sons and two of them have six packs of their own. you want to join the club .

>> i want to join the club . i had major cardiac surgery that nearly killed me but i have to spend the rest of my life with my wife. i want to spend as much as possible and i want to have six packs like my sons.

>> and you will.

>> ralph is starting at 200 pounds. we're going to get down him 25 or 30 pounds easy. he has a waist of 44.5 and his bmi is 29.5. remember these numbers because they're all going down.

>> what should that be at? the bmi ?

>> it should be under 25 for all of them. that's what we're aiming for. the normal range is under 25 but i'm thinking 23 because we really want those abs to shine.

>> let's talk strategy, not just for our participants but also for people at home as well. you say there's two foods you want everyone to start eating today.

>> today or tomorrow. the first is chia seeds. i want everybody to go to the store and start to add one tablespoon into your daily menu because chia seeds are packed with fiber. it's getting to expand in your belly and suppress your appetite. toss it on oatmeal, cottage cheese , yogurt. we have great recipes on the website. i'll tweet them out after the show and the second tip is going to be a cup of hot or cold green tea 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast , before lunch and before dinner because the fluid alone will take the edge off your hunger so you're satisfied and less food at the male and as because green tea has the capability to slightly rev the metabolism.

>> you want people to get moving.

>> jeff is going to help us there, right.

>> absolutely. that's what i do. i get people moving and i think that the best way to get moving is very simply to know what you're already doing. if you're not measuring, you can't improve it. so what i'm going to have our participants do is start measuring their activity immediately with pedometers so they know how much they're moving every day and the goal is 10,000 steps per day which is about five miles.

>> awesome.

>> do you all exercise currently or is this going to be new for you?

>> just a little bit.

>> a little bit.

>> well, you're going to get moving now.

>> trying, yes.

>> we're hoping everyone is going to do it with us that's watching.

>> how about the diets, guys. does this look familiar to you.

>> no.

>> yes, it does.

>> ralph has never seen them before.

>> put it on the chia pet .

>> i'll be following you guys throughout your six month progression. stay on top of it.

>> we'll be watching.

>> all of you guys thank you so much. log on to for recipes. let us know what's motivating you this new year. tweet us using #today six pack.