TODAY   |  January 01, 2014

Got a New Year’s goal? Keep it simple

Motivational expert Jon Gordon says reaching a goal can sometimes be accomplished by breaking it down to one word.

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>>> every knew year's day we resolve to make a change or reach a goal and as we know too well the resolutions are usually broken in a matter of three weeks.

>> why not simplify things this year. choose one word to live by. he's a motivational expert and author of "one word that will change everything." you said pick the one word.

>> nine out of ten of us will fail with your resolutions. half of us will fail by the end of january. one word sticks. one word we can remember it and focus on it and do it. then you have meaning and mission with that word, that gives you passion and purpose to live throughout the year.

>> i like that.

>> so many words, how do you choose that word for you?

>> well, for some the word just comes to them. but we have a three step process. it's simple. look in and prepare your heart. ask important questions. what do i need? what do i want? what is in the way? what do i need to focus on? when you do that, words will stop coming to you. then you look up, okay, god, what's my word? there is a word meant to you. when you're open to it it will find you. then you say i'm going to live my word now. i'm going to make this word a part of my life.

>> i like that.

>> important to have a daily reminder of your word so you can keep your focus and you say it's a good time to get creative.

>> have fun with it. put your word on a screen saver on your phone. we've had people do one word rocks, one word jewelry. a one word tree. one word post-its and paintings. every year my coauthors do a painting with their family. each member of the family paints their word and they put the words up in the living room and in their kitchen as well.

>> as you mentioned, get your family involved in this as well.

>> right. i got my family involved. my wife's word was percent veer. we have teenagers. my word was pray. i'm praying for my wife and my teenagers.

>> and that you'll percent vesevere.

>> i chose the word present. to be present and to live in the moment and to really enjoy time with the kids more.

>> that's a great word.

>> i hope so. i'm going to blast that one on my screen.

>> i chose open because i want to be more open to experiences. open to what other people are offering. open to what my kids are doing. just allow yourself to take it in.

>> new experiences.

>> that's really powerful.

>> all right. so now it's your turn and our viewers pick as well. you say to look in, look up and look out.

>> yes.

>> any other advice you could give them in terms of trying to find a big goal? do you want to set yourself up for a big goal or is it just something that you know is reachable.

>> it's the word that's meant for you. the word that you need. the word you need to focus on to help you be your best. what do you want to do this year that you haven't done. what do you want to be better at and that word will help you be better. i have been shaped and molded by the words i have chosen over the last three years. it's had a huge impact on my life.

>> can you change words? can the words morph.

>> each year you pick a new word but for that one year just keep that one word front and center.

>> log on to and tweet us what your word is using #oneword.