TODAY   |  January 01, 2014

See what Isaac Asimov predicted for 2014 — in 1964

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie, Al and Willie look at predictions the famed science-fiction author made 50 years ago about the year 2014. Which ones were on the mark?

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>>> oh, yeah. you know what that sound means?

>> yeah, it means meatloaf is playing.

>> if you're hung over you're hating us right now.

>> digital confetti.

>> it gets no better. thank you. just what i needed the morning after.

>> i know. i thought i'd help you out with the hangover here.

>> happy new year everybody. it is 2014 .

>> here's to the dog that bit you.

>> for some reason we have this.

>> cheers to our take team. cheers everybody.

>> and our trending group.

>> the trending group. everybody have a good new years.

>> you look like you came from the party.

>> i did just come from the party. don't tell anyone.

>> wow. right at the stroke of midnight in a minute you have 12 grapes so every five seconds you're popping them in.

>> so like the clock strikes 12.

>> do you have to keep them all in your mouth at once?

>> uh-huh.

>> wow.

>> but you have a whole minute.

>> you have a whole minute and the idea is once you completed it, you completed eating all of them and you have basically set yourself up for a good year.

>> so that's good luck.

>> we don't have any old tradition like that. get yourself a tumbler of maker's mark and see where the night goes. that's a good tradition in our house.

>> that's a good one.

>> every year.

>> the kids do this too?

>> no, the kids are somewhere else. i'm sure someone has been looking after them.

>> but you're not exactly sure.

>> should we call kristina and checking on the kids.

>> i'm sure there were responsible adults taking care of them.

>> no ice.

>> no ice. just go and ring in the new year. forget the last one. that's how we do.

>> you really do forget the last one after that tumbler. you forgotten the whole year.

>> it's a tradition as old as the hills.

>> what do you do?

>> i'm not really here. i'm in los angeles right now getting ready for the rose parade . this is a hologram. i'm not here.

>> you had too much maker's mark.

>> so what we do is we go to the ivy and have new year's dinner. and friends come over. hoda and her beau joined us. last year the host of the ivy said he remembered lela when we brought her in in a car seat .

>> you have been doing the rose parade that long.

>> before they even had roses. just stapled leaves to it.

>> that is such a honor to be a part of that.

>> i love that and it sets it up for a great day of football watching as well.

>> yes it does. a lot of bowl games to watch.

>> a little more maker's mark and a lot of football.

>> which is a good time to set resolutions. maybe to stop drinking in the new year.

>> it's just a -- you can laugh at my family traditions all you want. i ask that you respect us.

>> i do the healthy thing and eat grapes. you're drinking. i drink the grapes too, though.

>> oh, yes, we know that.

>> a lot of people making these resolutions.

>> no surprise.

>> top ten resolutions, i don't think they'll come as a surprise to a lot of people. drink less as we said. eat healthier. get a better education. get a better job. get fit. lose weight. those are way at the top. manage debt. manage stress. quit smoking. recycle.

>> i don't think recycle is up there.

>> yeah.

>> shoot a little higher.

>> save money, take a trip. volunteer.

>> most places you have to recycle.

>> it's the law.

>> come on.

>> but i love this other part, january 17th .

>> it all comes undone.

>> that's the most common day to ditch new year's resolutions.

>> you get about 2 1/2 weeks out of it.

>> you go to the gym, you cannot find a treadmill you're standing there for a half an hour waiting because everybody is there.

>> but you just have to wait 2 1/2 weeks.

>> and then january 17th comes, pick your treadmill.

>> that's amazing. there's a lot going on this year in 2014 as we look ahead. it's the 10 year anniversary of the founding of facebook which to me is incredible it's only been ten years. it's such a part of everybody's life. now we've got facebook .

>> i remember when it first came out i interviewed mark zuckerberg back then and i was like who is this and what is this facebook thing. it was mind blowing to think of what it has become.

>> just a few guys changing the world. and a lot of big events. the super bowl coming up here in new york.

>> the olympics.

>> of course the olympics just next month. we'll all be there in sochi russia. can't wait for that.

>> we're excited about that.

>> big milestones as well. 60 years ago today, january 1st , 1954 , the first coast-to-coast color tv broadcast in the united states took place. it was the tournament of roses on nbc.

>> brought it to you in color so you could see the roses. also 60 years ago soon, the birth of al roker .

>> wow.

>> 14 is a big year for you al.

>> it's a big year.

>> how are you feeling? you look great.

>> i feel good. 1954 was a big year. a lot happened.

>> color tv and al roker .

>> there you go. now i'm in color.

>> are you really?

>> yes, i am. no but i'm very excited about it and hoda is going to be doing it with me.

>> 125th tournament of roses parade . so this is kind of fun to look back. in 1964 , all of those years ago, famed science fiction writer ventured to guess at what you might find if you set foot inside the 2014 world's fair. if you look ahead, what would it look like?

>> what would it look like willie.

>> 2014 .

>> so buzz feed put together a list of some of his predictions that came true. he predicted complete lunches and dinner with the food semiprepared would be stored in a freezer until ready for prosegsz.

>> he has processing and we say microwaving.

>> it is true.

>> yes.

>> the appliances of 2014 will have no electric cords.

>> for the most part we have gotten rid of a lot of them.

>> how about this one, vehicles that can be set for particular destinations that will then proceed there without interference by the slow reflexes of a human driver.

>> wow. gps.

>> well, and also those cars that can self-parallel park, right?

>> yes.

>> who needs a willie geist when you have a self parallel parking car. he claims to be the world's best parallel parker.

>> we don't talk about that. communications will become sight and sound and you will see as well as you will hear the person you call. facetime and skyping.

>> skyping.

>> this guy is a genius.

>> he predicted the entire east coast from boston to washington would merge into one large mega city .

>> well, there is still time for that megalopolis.

>> 12 months for that to happen.

>> everything just converges.

>> i'm going to have more champagne.

>> another tumbler. you do weather al.