TODAY   |  January 01, 2014

Make a delicious New Year’s Day brunch

Chef Michael Lomonaco cooks up raspberry-stuffed French toast and rustic grilled cheese sandwiches that are ideal for a post-celebration brunch.

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>>> this morning on today's holiday kitchen what you need to face the day after last night's party, it's a delicious brunch.

>> one of our favorite chefs is here to do the honor, the executive chef of porterhouse new york. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> porterhouse is closed. you're coming to hang out with us.

>> this is a party. the continuation of it.

>> it's a tradition. we talked about traditions before. we have been doing holidays on this show together for almost 20 years.

>> a long time.

>> almost 20 years. it's good to have you here now.

>> thank you.

>> what are we making?

>> i call this rustic grilled cheese . it's great country bread, cheese and a little secret ingredient inside is truffle butter.

>> oh, no.

>> it's a very rich and elegant way to start the new year.

>> okay.

>> truffle butter is a nice little thing you can pick up in a lot of super market , high end .

>> you don't have to make it.

>> no, you don't have to make it and go hunt for the truffles.

>> go barging for truffles.

>> i wouldn't know.

>> although they have other animals to do that. never mind.

>> they all go together because from the part of italy that this comes from its a perfect combination. we'll spread a little bit of the truffle butter right inside.

>> all right.

>> thank you.

>> that's going to be the inside. we're going to put a layer of cheese on top of that.

>> i like that. oh, it smells so good.

>> great.

>> gosh. sorry.

>> no, you're doing great. you put cheese on that. exactly.

>> double it up.

>> perfect.

>> now put a slice.

>> it's not a race.

>> she's very competitive.

>> no, i'm not.

>> >> you need one slice of cheese.

>> i double sliced it.

>> that's fine. there.

>> put a little more truffle butter and then close that sandwich up.

>> okay. close it.

>> close it up.

>> there you go.

>> now we have to put butter on the outside. this is new year's day. start the day with richness and then we'll worry about it tomorrow.

>> the truffle butter inside.

>> that's because the first thing we're going to do, we're going to toast the sandwich butter side down. exactly.

>> you don't butter this other side?

>> we will. absolutely.

>> eventually.

>> go for it.

>> you can have him do that for you. here, i'll do that.

>> then we turn it. so really what we're going to do is toast both sides. because it's such a substantial sandwich it goes in the oven.

>> you did something interesting here. you put it in the oven and then you like to put a sunny side up bagel on it.

>> that will cook nicely and the yolk doesn't break. i like an egg on top.

>> this is a knife and fork grilled cheese sandwich or you can cut it up and if you have a little tomato soup you're in shape.

>> i didn't think i could love until now.

>> we're all set to go.

>> yeah, okay.

>> now, let's do another part of brunch. everybody loves french toast as we stop and grab a piece of grilled cheese on the way.

>> happy new year.

>> i love stuffed french toast . you can put all kinds of things. what we're going to do is just put some -- this is a good ras raspberry jam , it's such a great bread for french toast . so we have -- this is all ready to come out. this actually also goes in the oven to finish cooking. i like to finish cooking the egg, the custard. i like for it to cook in the oven for a couple of minutes and then it puffs up and the custard finishes cooking and it gets all delicious because you've got it going. it's a big double sandwich and after we take it out of the oven we can cut them in half and you can see the raspberry stuffing and the maple syrup .

>> some powdered sugar . let it snow , let it snow . the custard is heavy cream, eggs, cinnamon.

>> that is incredible.

>> a little bit of orange liquor or something like that. a little bit of sugar in that. did i say that already. beautiful.

>> all right.

>> that's a great custard.

>> talk about the drinks at the end there.

>> so it is new year's day and i think a lit bit of the hair of the dog is not a bad thing. many people will feel like zombies today.

>> that's what we're doing today.

>> and a zombie is really -- here, you go for that. go for the pitcher.

>> what's in it.

>> three kinds of rum, light rum , dark rum and 151 rum . it's four kinds of juices.

>> i taste the rum.

>> that's your choice.

>> why would you.

>> lemon juice , lime juice , orange juice , pineapple juice . i feel today like i'm on an island somewhere.

>> david, we're going to make a toast. we'll come back and make a toast in a second. michael, always great to have you here.

>> great to be here.