TODAY   |  January 01, 2014

Will Kim and Kanye tie the knot in 2014?

HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps provides his pop-culture predictions for 2014, including potential Oscar winners and the return of some legendary singers.

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>>> all right, we continue our look ahead at 2014 with the world of pop culture . josh, good morning to you.

>> good morning to you.

>> happy new year.

>> happy new year.

>> let's talk about early 2014 , movies, oscar buzz. what do you think is going to take home the statue?

>> the oscars are march 7th . they're late because of the winter olympics . you're probably looking at "12 years a slave" versus "gravity." it's got a huge amount of buzz. in terms of best actor, you have tom hanks for captain phillips competing against the star of "12 years a slave." robert redford is being talked about. it is big.

>> can we just give it up for hollywood because there were a lot of really good movies this year.

>> this was an excellent year for film. a bit of a change. looking forward to what other films are going to be coming out this year. there's still a lot of bad ones and hollywood is relying on franchises. there's a remake of godzilla and an x-men movie. over the summer, 50 shades of grey.

>> some ladies are excited about that.

>> one of the other movies is this film called noah about noah's arch. it stars russell crow and anthony hopkins . everybody is going to go see it. that's one of the buzzes in march, april.

>> don't you have amazing spiderman 2.

>> yes. another sequel. the first one did well. we'll see. probably going to be big.

>> 2013 was good. we had justin timberlake , taylor swift . what's the records you're looking at?

>> january 14th , the bosses 18th album will drop. jay-z and kanye will go back into collaboration. it's the second version of their collaboration together. that debuted at number one i. was also critically acclaimed. we have stevie wonder . let's see if he can bring back the charm.

>> we have classics there. you can't beat that.

>> exactly.

>> let's talk celebrity weddings. now we don't have any dates set for brangelina.

>> they have been saying for years they're not going to get married until gay people can get married. i don't know if they need publicity or money --

>> that's so cynical, josh.

>> i know, i'm sure it's just pure love . but maybe there's other factors. kim and kanye.

>> kimye.

>> is that what we're calling them?

>> maybe for my new year's resolution i'll stop combining names.

>> we'll make it a duo.

>> one more prediction, 2013 brought us the cronut. thank you 2013 . what do you think will be the trendy food item for this year?

>> well, this is one of those things that just dropped out of the sky. no one could have predicted that the cronut would be the cronut. i'm just saying, i have an add, it's a twitwinkie full of spam sprinkled with anchovies. you saw it here first.

>> you keep that day job just in case it doesn't workout. try it with bean dip.

>> what a lovely idea.

>> happy new year.