TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

Last -minute treats for New Year’s Eve

Don’t leave the party tray empty: Ryan Scott, host of “Food Rush” on the Live Well network, has last-minute delights to help you host the perfect New Year’s Eve party.

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>>> whether you plan on spending this evening wrapped in a blanket watching a movie or socializing at some new year's eve soiree, you got to eat something.

>> here is chef ryan scott. the host of food rush on the live well network. and newly engaged!

>> we're so happy for you.

>> we've been waiting for this to happen.

>> it's been a while, yeah.

>> congratulations. she looks beautiful. you showed us a picture.

>> she waited for me. lucky me.

>> that's awesome.

>> the whole thing about new year's eve is you want to actually hang out with your friends and not be cooking in the kitchen. so i came up with my favorite appetizers. you don't like meat and you can't eat cheese but for everybody at home -- here, i got you both cocktails. pomegranate and a little pit of champagne. what you want to do is take -- this is the simplest three ingredient dish you could have. a little bit of cream cheese . just like so. right in the middle. take a pepperchini. you roll it up like so and skewer it. i want you to try to make one of these, okay.

>> a competition, who can make it quicker. ready, go. roll.

>> i want mine to be perfect.

>> i'm just making sure mine looks just right.

>> just gorgeous.

>> think about it, when you are making appetizers for new year's eve, you want things that can sit out, that you don't have to worry about, is it hot, is it cold.

>> you don't want it coagulating somewhere.

>> coulding an la ing coagulating, big wor d of the day. here's a drink. try this one over here, okay. this is deviled eggs .

>> i'll wait.

>> here's the kicker for the deviled eggs . pickle juice is the immuls fewer.

>> did you just say caper juice?

>> take a small bite.

>> that's delicious. i can taste the capers in there.

>> simple robocu.

>> that machine that makes it nice and smooth.

>> and how about a sweet? a sweet that you can get everything done. puffed cereal inside here. lays potato chips or any potato chips . pretzels, chocolate, butterscotch, pistachios.

>> combo.

>> it's sitting out. you don't have to worry about if it's hot, if it's hot, if you're mixing it, so on.

>> deviled eggs .

>> okay, my favorite thing is -- not really my favorite thing but --

>> you know, kind of cure the hangover. simple like coffee liquor which i have right here and a little bit of yag meister. which yag meister has a lot of kick to it.

>> this is a morning drink?

>> at my house --

>> as if she's never seen it before.

>> i don't have a coffee machine at my house. this is what i drink in the morning. take this guy right here. you can't have any cream. so this is ice. take coffee, ice cream , right over the top of this. you do it with a touch of cream. this is a nice little pick me up in the morning. think about it when you're doing new year's dishes. you want it simple, fast, delicious. this is my version. here you go, try it. try this and you have --

>> cheers.

>> all of ryan's recipes are on our website