TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

Get a new hairstyle in minutes

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari demonstrates three hot hairstyles you can pull off within minutes, which are good to know when preparing for the New Year’s Eve ball to drop.

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>>> we're back with this new year's eve day. if you're looking in the mirror and thinking i can't do a thing with my hair, you are in luck.

>> different hairstyles you can create tonight in minutes. i know people are probably in panic mode.

>> i'm giving you three ideas that cost less than $10 and you can buy it at any drugstore.

>> prove it.

>> i'm going to prove it right now. adriana has her hair in a side ponytail. very simple. take the doughnut and you pull it through.

>> uh-huh, uh-huh.

>> and then literally all's you do is with the doughnut, the whole tip to this is to create a side bun and cover it. clip it.

>> you take part of the hair and do it?

>> cover. the whole thing is just to cover that little mother in there.

>> that's going to keep the whole thing together.

>> if you have to --

>> yeah, i know.

>> you can just tuck it in.

>> okay.

>> beautiful.

>> and you know what i love, it's not so thick looking.

>> yeah, yeah, no, no, it shouldn't be thick. with any luck, you can even mess it up more. if you've got a great night, it will just be even more messy.

>> beautiful.

>> what's julie got going?

>> julie has a simple -- obviously, her hair is already up to save time.

>> she's going to make a top bun.

>> this has been made famous by the kardashians. sharon stone did it at some, like, something. a little bit different that it's open. h her's was a circumstance closed. the trick is to overcorrect front ways. it's as simple as a clip.

>> what are we going to do with erin's hair, a little spray.

>> a little spray and comb it.

>> top buns are fun.

>> and you just go like that.

>> look at that. what is going on? it's crazy.

>> there she goes. it's a little elevated.

>> very elevated.

>> it's very elevated.

>> we'll work on that.

>> we got the gist, julie , thank you.

>> thank you, julie , you rock.

>> i think it was this with the problem.

>> we got lindsay here at the end.

>> this is the simplest one of all. you take the bottom. we're going to try to make a little more elegant. all you do is wrap the rubber band .

>> that's her hair?

>> it's her hair. one clip.

>> i like that.

>> i do too.

>> to make it a little more elegant, you just add a little height.

>> so it's just a variation on the ponytail.

>> a variation on the ponytail.

>> all these things you can get in the drug store these bun things?

>> rite-aid, wherever.

>> okay.

>> excellent.

>> thank you, luis.

>> how do you like that high bun over there?

>> that's my favorite.

>> it's a little bit artsy.

>> or you can go to luis' beautiful salon here on fifth avenue. they know what they're doing.

>> yes, yes, yes.

>> all right. coming up --

>> and i'll throw in a few highlights.

>> we'll take a look back at all the fun we've had this year. happy new year. what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats . ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the