TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

Delicious cocktails to ring in 2014 with

Dave Wondrich, a “drinks historian,” stops by TODAY to concoct a few cocktails worth ringing in the New Year with, including a Floradora and a New York sour.

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>>> go until most of us will raise a glass of champagne to say good-bye to 2013 and ring in the new year.

>> our guest is an alcohol historian. he's here with a few new year's eve cocktail options for anyone looking to think outside the bubbly box. shouldn't be afraid to do that, right?

>> no, it's easy, fun, festive, not too heavy on the alcohol because it's a long evening. not too much work. punch is something we see at parties.

>> this goes back to the 1700s . it's simple to make. it's the original american party drink. it starts -- you put lemon peel and sugar into a lemon jar and let it sit a couple hours overnight. that's all lemon oil , which is so tasty. put it in your jar. pour it over the ice.

>> okay.

>> those are the lemon peoples which you can drape over, if you want to be or tifrtic about it. then rum, funky jamaican rum.

>> funky jamaican rum.

>> exactly. cognac is here.

>> this is going to serve --

>> this is going to be -- this will serve like 30 people.

>> hoda.

>> you say --

>> and that is --

>> now, why was it important that you put one in before the other?

>> i didn't like to put the --

>> that's just the way he likes them. he's an historian. that's the way they do it.

>> so you stir it around. grate a little nutmeg over the top .

>> nutmeg.

>> always do that fresh. smells good. kind of fun. people like the personal touch. and we end up with something like this.

>> actually something exactly like this, right?

>> here, hody.

>> thank you, thank you.

>> thank you very much.

>> cheers, cheers. i taste the nutmeg. hody, you like that.

>> what's the next --

>> you don't.

>> that's classic --

>> okay, we've got a new york sour here which goes back to the 1880s .

>> sour now.

>> give them a little stir. the fun part of this is i'm taking red wine and just pouring it over the back of my spoon.

>> just to get that --

>> look how gorgeous that is.

>> we only have a couple of seconds. we'll skip these.

>> all right, let me -- there. another one.

>> all right. yeah, we can sip on --

>> we love your enthusiasm.

>> what's this?

>> this is invented for a chorus girl who married a millionaire.

>> flora dora, that's right.

>> you can put a little umbrella on it if you want.

>> this is not the big brush off but you took a lot of time.

>> yeah, you sure did.