TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

‘Price is Right’ awards its biggest prize ever

Sheree Heil of Washington state took home an Audi convertible and other prizes totaling more than $170,000 to become the biggest winner in the history of the daytime game show.

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>> is about pa people jumping to new heights. there's three words sure to make a game show contestant go wild and they're come on down. a mom from tacoma, washington is proving that this morning. she just won the biggest prize in daytime price is right history.

>> i'm so nervous.

>> i'm so nervous too.

>> $2,000 at stake.

>> she did it.

>> that is sherri. she won the audi convertible valued at $157,000. and in case she needs gas money she won $10,000 and prada shoes. $170,000.