TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

Turn your holiday cards into a beautiful display

Don’t discard those holiday cards! Amy Goodman, senior style editor for, shows off great ideas for how to use these greetings to decorate your home.

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>>> from a stack of holiday photo cards you got to the pictures snapped on your family vacation, what to do with all the photos from this year.

>> here with creative ways to put them all on display to enjoy all yearlong is senior style editor at the amy goodwin.

>> we don't throw these away. repurpose them.

>> we have great ideas of how to repurpose them in stylish ways.

>> cool.

>> first up, we made this frame. i popped out the back. i put up the string with tape, believe it or not, and got these miniclothes pins from the container store . and this is what you -- you cut out the photos from your holiday cards and you can display them throughout the year. as you get more cards in the mail.

>> more concise.

>> right.

>> don't have them all over your mantle.

>> right. exactly. because we remove the holiday elements from them, you can keep them up all year. if you get more mail with updated photos, add them throughout the year as well.

>> and brooke loves this one. wrapping paper.

>> you make your own holiday wrap. you can also make it nonholiday if you can overlap the cards such that you get rid of all the wording like happy holidays and happy hanukkah , merry christmas .

>> it would be fun to get a present wrapped with your present on it.

>> it's like the gift in and of itself.

>> tell me about the vacation wall over here. what did you do?

>> these are from these are gorgeous canvas prints. take one photo you love from each vacation each year and put one up on the wall and gradually you get this beautiful display in your home. at the we're all about personalizing corners of your home and this is a wonderful way to do that. you would have collections of different vacation photos up.

>> they don't have to be this big. you could make them smaller and have a little section.

>> you have exactly the right idea.

>> send these to the website and it comes back like these.

>> gorgeous kanscanvas photos. place.

>> very cool.

>> we're doing a little yearbooking over here which is fantastic.

>> this is the end of year photo book . if you go to their site, they literally have all the steps you need to put together a end of year photo book . it's overwhelming. you have so many different photos. also a table of contents. how many photos to use and what to include. i love that. i actually think these are on sale as well.

>> we do this every year and we also do a calendar and they help you set it up.

>> they do it for you.

>> that's so brilliant.

>> funky chunkies. an independent american artist that takes 20 to 25 of your photos and makes a photo bangle.

>> that's great.

>> because she is an independent artist she can make 100 orders and make it in time for valentine's day.

>> what's her name?

>> leanna.

>> i'm loving this.

>> from shutter we have a new way to display photos on glass which is beautiful. there's five different types of shapes and you can include 8 photos. these are on wood which is really cool. this is a little bit clear.

>> and quickly, the kids art work, put it in one place.

>> you send them the children's art work, they transform it into a museum quality art book .

>> thank you so much and happy new year.

>> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.